Friday, July 30, 2010

Long, Long, Long Run and Week

For some reason this has felt like the longest week in the world. I guess because we have started a new session of class, and I had a long run, and my daughter and her family are trying to get ready to head back to Hondurus for a few days, and my periods are getting incredibly far apart.

Nothing bad of course, just lots of reasons for it to seem like a really long week. It is actually great to start classes up, and our school room is taking on a beautiful feeling, I love it!

Today was our 16 mile run. We had to wait until late afternoon to take off as my running partner was taking a final downtown. That turned out to be a really good thing because things had cooled off considerably and we had a wonderful run. It is amazing how much better long runs go when it is under 80 degrees!

My son-in-law went to the Honduran embassy last week to get his passport renewed as it was about to expire. Turns out they did not have the "machine" to do this and informed him that it would "just be easier" for him to go back to Hondurus to take care of this. Easier for who? That is a 15 hour bus trip and my poor granddaughter has been crying all day just thinking about going back on that long bus trip.

Then the really good news, the cycles are getting farther apart. Up to four and a half weeks now, could this really be the beginning of the end? And for the bigger question, will I get more mature now? Somehow I doubt it!

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