Friday, October 31, 2008


Stress is ugly. It will literally chew you up and spit you out. The best example of this that I have seen, other than myself, was a client preparing for a grueling mountain bike race. It was a hundred miler through the mountains of Colorado. She had the usual leg, shoulder and neck tightness and stress. Fast forward a couple of months. She had teenager issues. She came in a wreck! I had never seen her so stressed out in her whole body.

Recent research suggests that anywhere from 60-90% of illness is stress-related. The physical wear and tear of stress includes damage to the cardiovascular system and immune system suppression. Stress compromises your ability to fight off disease and infection, throws your digestive system off balance, makes it difficult to conceive a baby, and can even stunt growth in children.

Medical conditions caused or exacorbated by stress include:
chronic pain obesity
migraines infertility
ulcers autioimune disease
heartburn irritable bowel syndrome
high blood pressure skin problems
heart disease
Emotional effects:
Chronic stress grinds away at your mental health, causing emotional damage in addition to physical ailments. Long-term stress can even rewire the brain leaving you more vulnerable to everyday pressures and less able to cope. Over time, stress can lead to mental health problems such as:
anxiety eating disorders
depression substance abuse

Tomorrow I will give you 20 great tips to help you de-stress!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


So I thought it would be good to define what exactly is a hotmom? My momma used to say "beauty is only skin deep". And I would agree with that. Dr. Laura as well as Dr. Phil have both done studies into what exactly do men want from their women? Is your first thought big boobs, or a nice butt, or really pretty?

Guess again! The one most important thing for men was they wanted their women "nice". That was it, just nice. Sounds pretty simple ha?

Evidently it is not so simple since lots of men leave their wives, and girlfriends every day. Not that is is always the womans fault of course!

So my thought is that a hotmom is one who takes care of herself, and looks and acts her best at all times. Even when we are pms-ing or menopausing, or pg. A big part of that equation though is taking care of ourselves.

It is essential to get exercise, you cannot operate at your optimal level without that! You also must eat healthy, otherwise you will certainly have mood swings and hormone issues that will be very difficult to deal with.

Also essential is keeping our selves looking kept. That means do something with the hair. Not that you have to wear makeup at all, just keep your skin looking healthy and clean. Clothing does not need to be expensive just clean and somewhat fashionable.

We all know the essientels sometimes we just need a little encouragement to pull it together and try a little harder to be our best. Being a mom is no excuse to be frumpy! If anything we do not want our kids walking 10 steps in front of us when they get to be teens because they are embarrassed.

Monday, October 27, 2008


I have often wondered why I am so involved in health. I think it began when I was 13 and my mom married my step dad. We moved from Ventura California to Independence Missouri so that he could attend Chiopractic school.

When people talk about skeletons in their closets I tell them we had skeletons in our front room! I knew all the bones and muscles just from helping him study for tests. It never phased me when he adjusted people in the front room or on the floor at church or anywhere for that matter.

Once I was done having babies and decided to venture out into a career there was no doubt in my mind what it would be, helping people. When I see someone hurting or just plain feeling bad I start trying to help them, it is automatic.

The best feeling for me is when I see someone losing weight after years of trying, or someone just feeling good after finally starting a fitness program, or just someone getting motivated to try and take care of themselves.

I believe as moms we have a special responsibility to teach our children about health. If we teach them how special and amazing their bodies are, I believe they will in time learn to take care of them and do what is right for them. Hopefully before they have to!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


So I hope everyone is enjoying this fall weather. We sure are! We got the best of both worlds in the gorgeous fall weather of Flagstaff and the beautiful getting drier weather here in Costa Rica. We have not even had hardly any rain this week and totally enjoyed it.

I believe fall is the most beautiful time of the whole year. I would sure encourage everyone to get out and enjoy it!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


One passion in my life is trying to be healthy and helping others in this quest. It seems the world is a very hard place to try and be healthy in. We are surrounded by wonderful foods and activities that really are not very healthy.

To try and help others I have set up my page of health. I will begin by posting a workout every Sunday to help me and others try and get to the healthy place we all desire.

I will also be posting recipes to help us all eat good, and healthy. Yes it is possible and it is fun!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


O.K. so the verdict is in. Outside running is the best. You just cannot beat running outside checking out the people and the neighborhood.

I am ready to start the long road to training now. Got the clothes, got the shoes, got the place ready to go.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


We went on a great hike today at Buffalo Park. It sure brought back lots of memories as we hiked back to the mountains. I remember doing the early morning "Turkey Trots" on thanksgiving mornings. We even have a picture of our family from the newspaper all running that run. On that particular run you are not running to see who is fastest. You have to write down what you think your time will be for the 3 mile run around fat mans loop. The person coming closest to their time guess wins a pie! One year we did it we won three pies! That took care of the Thanksgiving pies.

I also remember doing a couple of 10 ks up there. It is a hard run as it is on gravel and the wind is always blowing from every direction. There is also an obstacle course you can do as you run.

Rebekah and I used to go up there when we were training. We liked it because it was on trails and easy on the legs. She trained up there for her marathon in Park City.

The one thing that struck me was how desolate it is up there. I always thought it was so beautiful up there, and now I guess minus the green it is beautiful in a high desert sort of a way.

I am going to begin my training for a 5k race in Feb. Stay posted to see the workout I will be using and find out with me if it works!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


We asked for dry and we got it. Boy did we get it. I feel like Spongebob when he goes into Sandees dry house and Patrick yells out, "pinkie up Spongebob!" Boy is it dry here in AZ, and Nevada.

We will definately be like really dry sponges by the time we get to Costa Rica to start soaking up the water. We are ready.

There is sure lots of good food here, and very healthy stores, that we will miss. It is a different mind set that we do not have to eat everything in site because we will not see it again. I am just now getting that under control. We will eat again and will not be starving when we return home.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So I am still doing my study on treadmills. I think they are great, just hot and boring. Other than that I think you get the same work out, as well as the convenience a mom needs.

I do know that at the 2004 olympic trials the gal who won the trials for the marathon was from Alaska. She had done the majority of her training on a treadmill, so there you go.

Since I have never trained for speed before this will be a different experience. I think I will run a 5k around Jan or Feb. That gives me plenty of time to get ready. After that it will be the marathon in August of 09.

I got my new shoes, New Balance of course, as well as new shorts and shirt. It has been about three years since I have bought new running clothes so I guess I will not be the bum who runs anymore

Monday, October 13, 2008


So I am still running on a treadmill for one more week. I have some more observations and of course criticisms about it. The main one---it is so hot! At least when you are outside you have the cool breeze to keep the temp down a bit.

I do like it to keep better track of distance and time. I will probably hook up with one once in a while to keep more careful track in order to improve my times. I have decided on a new strategy this time, I will work on speed then add the endurance.

I will surely let you know how this works out.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Well the verdict is in for me. Treadmills are great if, and big if here, if you are in a time crunch, space crunch, or no babysitter crunch. Otherwise tooo boring for me. I even had music but it just seemed to drag. When I run outside I get to look at all the neighbors, and the park and I get to dodge the crazy dogs in the neighborhood!

I do see the wisdom of them and wish I would of had one in Flagstaff when the weather was brutal. A lot of times I would have run had I not had to freeze to do it. Besides that fact I did spend a whole lot of time on the trainer for biking. Maybe I would not have used it after all.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


The weather here in Vegas is beautiful. A good day for a run. They have a great triathlon magazine here listing all the races, there are tons. This would be the place to live to train and race.

We will spend the day at the park with the girlies. It is not up to 100 so they can even go down the slide!

It is quite different here than in the mountains of Flagstaff. Good things about both of them and bad. The air is so clean and thin there, heavy and warm here. Different workouts for different weather.

One thing that is sooo cool here is all the organic and healthy food, for reasonable prices. We have been shopping at the health food stores and it is great. You can find the food in Costa Rica, just not the selection.

I believe the prices for nutritious foods are the same, just easier to find.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


We definately picked the most beautiful time of the year to visit Flagstaff. It sure brings back memories of long rides training for the Tour de Tucson every year.

The leaves are changing colors and the weather is very chilly. I think my blood is very thin because I am freezing to death!

I just ran into a friend who I have run with. She just competed in the Ima jene pass race in Colorado. I forgot to ask her her time. That is a sign for me. I have finally let go of the competitive side and just rejoice in the fact that we can even do a race at all!

It will be good to get home and run in the beautiful warm Costa Rica weather.

I did a run on a treadmill yesterday. I have a lot of opinions about them but they sure come in handy when you have no other options. Running down the road in Las Vegas was not an option for me!

The husband of the friend I just ran into did the Ironman that I did six years ago. Looking at the two of us you would never know it! That is not good, lots of work to do.

Friday, October 3, 2008


I take my hat off to people who fly a lot all over the world all of the time. Man that wipes me out a lot! I am just glad we survived the long trip and are safely, so to speak in Las Vegas. I forgot how much I hate big dirty cities. Sorry if anyone like Vegas but I really do not like big cities of any variety.
The girls have had fun visiting long lost uncles, brothers, and nieces. My three grand daughters are the cutest, and sure have grown in a year since we last saw them.
My sons have shrunk. Seth has lost 60 lbs! That is awesome and we are sure proud of the job he has done with this struggle. His wife is right behind him with the weight loss deal.
We will be leaving today to head to Flagstaff to visit Micah and Jesse, whoo hooo. It should be a very emotionally challenging weekend and I am a little apprehensive about the whole thing.
This internet cafe is great. You just buy one of their tasty treats and you get to use the internet for free! Cool beans.
Next week I will start writing about a great weight loss program based on all the results we are seeing in my son, daughter-in-law and Rebekah.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Countdown until we hit the airport! I think we are ready. Having Rebekah and her clan to watch the house helps immensely since we do not have to ready the house. Of course the neighbors watch out for us to when we take off, and we do likewise for them. It is a good idea here.

Today was the anniversary of Rebekah and my last training run for our marathon that did not happen last year. We did a great five miler and that day she found out she was pg with baby Benjamin and I got attacked by asthma.

So I went for a run just to commemorate the event. It felt alright but I did feel the familiar twinge in my chest of the asthma stuff.

I am hoping our trip to Nevada will dry it all out and I will be able to avert it this rainy season.