Saturday, December 25, 2010

Santa and Sandwiches

Merry Christmas to all! We had a great Christmas with the family. The kiddos were so dang wired up taking them to the park yesterday did not even calm them down. Maybe next year a marathon the day before Christmas or something like that.

We had yummy food and played card games and made all kinds of racket. Hubby was going to attend midnight mass with the guys but they all started dozing off and voted against it. Maybe next year.

This morning we all got up very early and enjoyed a few presents. We are down to a $50.00 limit per person, so the shopping gets harder, yest more meaningful. After receiving all the blessings we went downtown Heredia and handed out meat and cheese sandwiches.

The girlies were awesome and not even one bit scared to approach those homeless people and give them a sandwich. I did feel a little bad when baby told me she was starving because she had only had a tangerine for breakfast and could she have a sandwich.

The highlight was my granddaughter. She came to get another sandwich from me after giving one to a guy sleeping in a box. She said how weird it was that he was sleeping in a box. I told her that was all he had, he had no home or bed or food. Later we were walking and she remarked to baby that when she grows up she is going to build a very big house for all these people to sleep in!

And a humanitarian is born!

Friday, December 17, 2010


O.K. so someone did not enjoy the kindergarten graduation today. O.k. maybe he never enjoys anything that does not involve him in the middle of it. He sure was throwing a fit at the ceremony. We could not even get him to smile for the camera.

Whew, she made it through kindergarten! That was quite a haul and now there is just first grade. As they say here, that is the most important grade in Costa Rica. That is the year they learn everything they need for life. Yup that is what they told us anyway.

Two very excited party goers. They are excited also to gift their teachers with their goodies they made them for Christmas.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Picnic in Paradise

There is nothing like a beautiful December picnic two weeks before Christmas to make you so thankful for living in paradise! This little girl needed the sun on her face and the wind in her hair something awful. She was begging for a picnic. As we were trucking our bags of stuff up to the bus to hit the hills my son made the comment how funny would this look in the States? Yeah probably does not happen there.

It is so nice now that the kiddos are all big enough to play on the equipment and not kill themselves. Now we just have to worry about the adults, like the time my oldest daughter caught her pinky toe on the slide, ouch!

Even the teenagers enjoy getting out and playing. Oh wait she is a teenager but I guess he is an old man, and I mean old, won't even go there right now. Different post for a different day.

And don't these two goofy goobers just look like they are having a blast? They are just anxious to get going on the fire, the good part.
Did I mention I love Monte de la Cruz?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Eddie Vedder - Society

I feel like this song best sums up my feelings about Christmas as we know it.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Minimum Sentence

Although I try to keep the news about my son in jail on his blog I have to post this good news. Yesterday I flew into Arizona for his sentencing hearing. After two and a half years in county jail he has received the minimum sentence of five years. He can finally be transfered to prison and will have a little less than two years left to serve his time and price to society.

If anyone is unclear about how I feel about jails and prisons I will make it clear right here and now. I oppose all jails and prisons and feel they do nothing at all to rehab or help anyone anywhere. They are nothing more than schools to learn bad things and bad behaviors. I only pray my son can keep his great spirit through his prison experience and find good like minded individuals in the process.

There are not many people who can come out of the prison system better people than they go in, but I expect to see him do just that. In his two and half years so far he has read over a dozen classic books, as well as written a book and another to be published soon. If he can keep up this attitude in prison I will be so dang proud of that kid.

The only good part about yesterday, besides the minumum sentence of course, was the fact that I got to visit for over two hours with my son. We had a great talk and tried to take each other in since it will be a few months before I am able to talk to him again. He will be in transfer as well as the fact that we cannot talk on the phone or visit until we get approved after our background checks.

Stupidest system ever invented on earth!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Let The HolyDays Begin

Happy Black Friday (A Day Late and a Dollar Short :)

1. Uh Oh We’re In The Red, Dear
to the tune of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Uh oh we’re in the red, dear.
On our credit card it shows
Christmas is almost over,
But the debit line still grows.
Shopping like Santa’s zombies,
Sent our budget down in flames
But all our Christmas spirit
Helped the giant retail chains.
I’m so foggy Christmas eve,
Wondering how we’ll pay
Christmas doesn’t seem so bright
When our finances are tight.
So here’s a plan for next year
Let’s forget the shopping spree
Let’s give a gift of love, so
All our Christmas gifts are free.

2. Listen to the Message
to the tune of Oh, Tennenbaum

Oh shopper dear
Come over here
And listen to our message.
Oh shopper dear come over here
And listen to our message.
The women who toil
In far off lands
So you can wear
Your favorite brands.
Don’t get a break-from dawn `till dusk
It isn’t right — let’s make a fuss.
When buying shirts and pants and stuff
Ask were the workers paid enough.

3. Profits
to the tune of Jingle Bells

You’re eating up our lies
And dashing to the stores
Then all our prices rise
And how the money pours
If we don’t keep you drugged
And watching your TV
You might see the hypocrisy
Then where would business be?

Profits here, profits there,
Profits everywhere
Christmas time is funny,
We smell money in the air
Advertise, glamorize,
Fool you with a flair.
Let’s make sure that Christmas
Is a businesslike affair.

We’ll tell you how to think
And tell you what to try
What to eat and drink
And how to live and die
And if our plan succeeds,
When Christmas-time is nigh
Instead of seeking love and peace
You’ll hunt for gifts to buy
(repeat chorus)

4. Buy And Sell
to the tune of Silver Bells

City sidewalks, busy sidewalks
Lined with advertising
It’s the big retail season of Christmas.
Children begging for each new thing
Toys for mile after mile
And the mood of the season is clear.
Buy and sell (Buy and sell)
Buy and sell (Buy and sell)
It’s Christmas time for consumers.
Ching-a-ching (ching-a-ching)
Cash registers ring (registers ring)
Must we spend Christmas this way?
Maxing credit, running debits,
Buying things we don’t need
With money we don’t really have.
Children crying, parent sighing
No time for family
And the reason behind it is clear.
(repeat chorus)

5. Learn to Sew!
to the tune of Let it Snow

Oh, the economy’s really frightful
But the shopping is so delightful
When you desperately need some dough
Learn to sew, learn to sew, learn to sew.
Oh, there’s no sign the work is stopping
`cause the orders keep us hopping.
When you’ve got no place else to go,
Learn to sew, learn to sew, learn to sew.
When you finally say good night,
And it’s two a.m. in the morn,
And the foreman wants to hold you tight,
And you wish that he’d never been born.
Oh, the economy’s really frightful
But the shopping is so delightful
When you desperately need some dough
Learn to sew, learn to sew, learn to sew.
Oh, the industry isn’t dying
But the work is really trying
When you’re bank account’s getting low
Learn to sew, learn to sew, learn to sew.

6. O’ Dumpster Are You Full of Food
to the tune of O’ Little Town of Bethlehem

O’ dumpster are you full of food
For us to eat today?
I wonder why, when it’s still good
The stores throw it away?
Could it be that it serves them
To make more than they sell?
And giving it to hungry folks
Won’t pay them very well.
O’ Dumpster when I lift your lid
What treasure waits for me?
A winter coat? A basketball? A five-pound bag of peas?
Though sometimes I get sickened
But it’s not from the food
It’s `cause I know that all their `trash’
Could feed my neighborhood.
O’ dumpster, why have they locked you?
You’re wrapped in chains today.
Did you know it’s against the law
To take what’s thrown away?
But bolt cutters and crowbars
Can liberate your fill!
And make sure that it gets to folks
And not to a landfill!

7. Slaving in a Sweatshop Wonderland
to the tune of Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Door bell rings, are you listening?
On your brow, sweat is glistening.
You’re working tonight; it just isn’t right,
Slaving in a sweatshop wonderland.

Gone away are the good jobs
Here today are the sweatshops
They want you to sew
Seven days in a row
Slaving in a sweatshop wonderland.

In Toronto, Woolworth has used sweatshops
And they’ve paid the lowest rates in town.
Ask about a union, they’ll say no ma’am.
Homeworkers do the job for the poorest pay around.

Later on, they’ll conspire
How to raise prices higher
The plans that they’ve made
Won’t make us better paid
Slaving in a sweatshop wonderland.

Door bell rings, are you listening?
On your brow, sweat is glistening.
You’re working tonight; it just isn’t right,
Slaving in a sweatshop wonderland.

8. Way Up on the Top Floor
to the tune of Away in a Manger

Way up on the top floor,
where people can’t reach,
The boss of the bussiness
plans trips to the beach,
He counts up his money
and spits on the poor,
While workers are angry
and bang on his door.

His company’s huge
and it eats up the globe,
It controls the TV
and everything we know,
His power’s not endless,
he’ll run things no more,
We’ve come to his condo
to kick down the door.

Stop shopping his stores,
stop supporting his banks,
Don’t polish his shoes
or build his big tanks.
Come out in the streets,
come out one and all,
Come join revolution
and his empire will fall.

9. Silent Night

Silent night, peaceful night
How can you sleep tonight?
Soldiers occupy lands afar
To feed more oil to polluting cars
When will there ever be peace?
When will there ever be peace?’

Silent Night, peaceful night
We’ll survive through this fight
Build your prisons, banks and walls
We will work to dismantle them all.
We’ll live a life of true worth,
Come, live a life of true worth.

Silent night, peaceful night
Bankers quake at the site
Of wealth distributed to the poor
And debtors who don’t stay docile no more
Once revolution is born
Once revolution is born

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Words A Mom Does Not Like to Hear....

My son returned from his bike ride this afternoon. I heard him from the kitchen talking to my daughter. She asked him how his ride was and he said good, really cool in fact because I got in two wrecks!

Now there is a problem with being an ex biker mom. My first question was not how are you, or are you alright? No my first question was how is the bike. I guess in my mind I knew that if he was sitting there talking he could not be hurt too badly, or he was in shock and I better treat him for it.

The wrecks were both his fault and I hope he learned before he does get hurt. In the first one he was riding on the tail of a little Honda and of course the Honda stopped quickly, boom he hit the car and flew over his bike to land on the back of the car. Thank goodness he survived. The driver came out and started asking him how he was doing in Spanish. My son told him that he did not speak so the guy asked in English is he was o.k. He said he was fine and they went on their way.

The next one the bus just ran him right off the road. Thank goodness no one can go very fast in their cars here, that probably saved his life today.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Flying Fears or Freak Outs

I have got to stop reading, listening and scouring the news for scanner and groping reports. I am going to get in the security line and just keel over from anxiety! I will have myself worked up to an actual frenzy by the time I get to the gate. Like I already have myself worked up to a frenzy. In fact my kids have forbidden me to even speak of the groping I will have to endure.

Come on can't you just look at an old woman with dreadlocks and know she is as harmless as a fly? Really just figure on seven kids and five grandkids and I will even bring pictures and brag a little to convince them.

A client of mine was flying several years ago and all the bobby pins in her hair set off the metal detector. The TSA person began to pat her beehive, she is old, and take out her bobby pins. She informed her that if she messed up her hair she better put it back the way it was. They left off messing with her at that point.

I am still trying to figure out my best strategy to deal with someone touching me all over my body. My kids do not seem to understand my reluctance to be groped by a stranger. I try to explain to them that I have been teaching ethics so long in conjunction with our massage school that I really believe in ethics. I believe there are ethical ways to touch a person and not touch a person.

We are all sacred beings and deserve the respect and reverence due us. So many people say that they are willing to give up a little self respect to feel safe flying. Do they really feel safe flying, because I know I don't!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Britt Coffee Tour

If you ever come to Costa Rica, and you love coffee, and you have a couple of hours and an extra $15.00 you really should take the Britt coffee tour. Today we took our student over so she could do the tour. I really don't drink coffee, nor do I have $15.00 for a tour, so we just checked out the store.

The store was really cute and had tons of chocolate samples. That is right free samples. We hung out there for quite awhile until the worker lady came out from behind the counter and started hovering. Of course the fact that my granddaughter was eating chocolate covered coffee beans by the handful may have had something to do with it.

We looked over at her and both cheeks were full of candy and both hands were full. Needless to say the next hour we kept her busy walking around trying to keep her from climbing up the walls. Good times!

The weather has been holding at beautiful and we are so looking forward to a weekend at the beach next week. Time to chill.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Summer At Last

It is beautiful today, I mean freakin beautiful. Like the kind of day you just want to hang out at the park or go for a bike ride, or just sit in the sun and meditate. Awesome I think we have survived another super wet ugly rainy season. We will be better, wetter, stronger people for it I am sure.

My awesome baby did not have to take her English exams. So glad they finally realized she speaks English. Maybe they were confused and thought she was speaking Chinese or something. Not sure.

We are thinking about Thanksgiving next week and planning the menu. Roasted chickens and the works. Heading to the beach the next day is the best part of Thanksgiving this year. I have it very carefully timed so that we "have" to take a student to the beach every year on my birthday. Now isn't that convenient. I cannot think of anything I would rather be doing on my birthday, than teaching massage and going to the beach.

I love my life!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another Granddaughter Gets Older

I still can't understand how my kids and grandkids keep getting older but I don't. Amazing! This little munchkin turned 6 last week. I still remember the day she was born, and it was a doozy.

We had been home from China with her aunt only four days and her Mom was ready to go, one month early even. She only weighed 5 lbs. when she was born and needed a little oxygen.

Now she goes about a hundred miles an hour all day and drops to sleep like the dead. She also loves to tease and run and eat cookies with Grandma!

Aren't those curls the cutest?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Yoga Classes

We have two weeks of yoga now. it feels great and we are actually feeling better and even getting the hang of it. I have not even hurt my toe since hour first day. My daughter is a natural at yoga and I keep telling her it is her thing.

In the meantime we just keep running our four days to burn the calories and try to keep the game fun. The weather is changing into dry season so it has been so nice this week.

We have been teaching the past two weeks and enjoying the heck out of it. I love being in the classroom and working with our awesome students. I am just constantly amazed that we keep getting the coolest people in the world to our massage school, wonderful.

Today was the celebration of my oldest granddaughters birth. I cannot believe that eight years ago I became a grandma! Whoa getting up there for sure. The bummer is the stupid p.o. did not get her gift there in time. I guess it will give her something to look forward to in the next couple of days.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rain Gone

I am happy to report that the rain in Costa Rica has finally stopped, after only five feet, and the sun is shining. It is a beautiful day in paradise and we are all in much better moods to see the sun once more.

People would wonder how I spent eight years in Missouri with my sun thing, I would say it was not easy at all! Living in the midwest requires kind of a different mind set, like just go into hibernation mode for a few months and like it!

Can't do.

Today we took the kids down the street to the park so they could climb some trees and get the bugs out of their systems. After three days cooped up they were ready to run in circles like the dogs, it calms them down.

My daughter, son and I are doing the px90 so we have been working out hard and heavy. We did the yoga section this morning so now I am trying to get off my butt and go for a run. Man am I sore. I mean like everything is sore.

Hubby says I am too old for the plyometrics work out :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Last week we were celebrating the end of rainy season. This week we are mourning the death of 19 people who died last night in mud slides. Apparently hurricane Tomas is the culprit. We have had almost five inches in the past three days, and it is getting ready to start again.

We were on the way to school and the neighbor stopped us and informed us that schools would be canceled because of the disaster. Costa Rica has declared a National Disaster.

We were just bummed out because we missed our run yesterday, wow small bubble we live in.

In the meantime the U.S. delegate is heading to the Isla where there are continued conflicts over whose land is whose. Apparently the Nicas decided to dredge a little South and increase their holdings a little. Kind of a squatters right problem, which is not at all rare here.

The interesting part is the "pretend police" that keep showing up from Costa Rica. I am just waiting for the U.S to give the word for the 7,000 troops just chilling off the Pacific Coast. After all gotta keep those guys busy.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Still Stylin'

Every year on October 27th we have a tradition. That is the day we celebrate "Gotcha Day" with our baby.
We get out all the baby clothes she was wearing on that wonderful day, and she tries them on. I can't believe that after six years they still fit her, amazing.
The funny part is she is turning into a model in them, even down to the split pants.
This year was fun as she is understanding more and more about the whole mind boggling idea of adoption. I'm not real sure when or if it ever actually makes sense to a child that their birth mother gave them up, but she acts like she gets it.
She never asks questions about her birth mother. She just tells people that she has two moms one that had her in her belly and another one that takes care of her.
I guess every year it will become more understandable for her. In the meantime we will enjoy the excuse to party!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Omitepe Island

Usually when I think of islands I think of beautiful aqua waters, white sand beaches and palm trees. We blew that whole picture out of the water, literally, when we visited Omitepe this week. It is the only island in the middle of fresh water, a fresh water lake no less. There are actually two volcanoes and they are in the middle of Lake Nicaragua.

When we visited Tamarindo last month we left a couple of hours before a big earthquake hit. Today two hours after we left Nicaragua Costa Rica "troops" or I guess we should call them "pretend troops" since Costa Rica does not have "real troops", moved into the border town.

Apparently a bad guy is messing with the river dividing the two countries and dredging in the river and even threatening a kid and cattle. This of course calls for some pretty drastic measures.

So this afternoon the "pretend troops" moved in to restore order and strike fear into the Nicas. The real problem here is they have real troops! Just waiting to see how long it takes the U.S troops off the coast to mobilize and help out, since that is what they are there for right?

Anyway just glad we escaped with our lives and don't have to worry about leaving for a few months.

Now the thing about Omitepe. If you have not been there I would just recommend you check out my pictures and experience through them. In other words it was a little boring. There are of course some cool places to hike to, if you want to spend a lot of money and fall in with the other tourists.

The most interesting part was the guy who owned the hotel we stayed at. He had this cool beaver tail and some great stories. One rainy day we just hung out with him and listened to him talk story and looked at his pictures. This guy had been all over the world as a peace ambassador for the Native Americans.

He is a true blue headband wearing Indian. He and his tribe actually live in teepees on Omitepe, pretty appropriate ha?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Nica Bound

We will be heading off to Nica tomorrow for our 90 day leave. We are really excited as we will be visiting a new place. Well new to us, really old to everyone else. It is Ometepe Island. There are two volcanoes located there and we are planning on hiking the big one, Conception. Exciting.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Half Marathon PR!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I would agree after looking at these. We both, Bekah and I left it on the road today. We did our race in Cartago and the first hour was all up hill. From there on it was awesomely downhill and fast, even for us! We finished in 2:10 and 2:15. You can probably look at the two last pictures and guess who had which time :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Logistics of Family Racing

I am not used to having other members of my family racing along with me. It is fun and of course very humbling. There are a few drawbacks, but the fun is worth it for sure.

The biggest draw back would be the food bill! Holy guacamole we all eat a lot when we are training for a half marathon! Especially when we all do our track workout the same day, and long run the same day, lots of calories to replace those days.

Last night I cooked a perfectly healthy perfect meal. Whole wheat penne pasta with a vegee marinara sauce and a beautiful salad. About thirty minutes after dinner hubby started talking about how good a banana split would taste about now.

At least we did healthy banana splits. A great huge banana, only two scoops of ice cream, home made chocolate syrup made with cocoa powder and raw sugar, and nuts on top. I don't even want to know how many calories, but it did satisfy the itch and was fun to eat while watching the Biggest Loser.

I think hubby is still trying to recoup his calories and rest after his 10k on Sunday because he ordered cheeseburgers and potato wedges for dinner tonight. Good thing we are getting ready for our half marathon on Sunday.

Which brings up another logistic problem. Me and my daughter are going to ride the bus to Cartago to do our half marathon. I was thinking this morning "wait a minute, I don't want to ride three busses in my running clothes, and not to mention wearing them home after a half marathon! We would clear the bus to be sure".

I asked my son who also did the 10k last Sunday if he would be willing to go with us and watch our junk and maybe shoot a couple of pictures. He readily agreed so that base is covered. His very kind younger sister went along to their race to be the holder, and picture taker.

Not sure what we will do when we have bikes to haul, probably have to break down and rent a car for those races, or just ride our bikes to the race :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

10.5 K

Today my middle son raced his first ever race. Considering he has only been training for two weeks and finished in the top one third of his age group I am very excited. Mostly because I am so relieved he did not get is Mom's very slow genes.

I knew he was strong and an awesome biker, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he is also fast.

He takes after his papa who also raced today. He did awesome also and is of course bummed about his time and looking for ways to get faster. I guess none of us would continue to race if we were happy about our times...

Seventh, Seven on 10/10/10

Pretty special day around this part of the woods.

My seventh child turns seven and it is 10/10/10! Pretty cool and pretty fun birthday party for sure.

She of course chose one fried egg for breakfast, her favorite. For lunch lazy soup. And for dinner fish, baked potatoes, and salad. And of course a strawberry cheesecake for dessert.

The best part of course was the presents. We don't usually spend much on birthday gifts, way too many birthdays for that. This one was an exception for a very good reason. Teeny had a cell phone that had died a horrible death. She also had a Nintendo DS that she never ever played with.

Well baby loves the DS so we made a deal with Teeny to trade her a new cell phone for the DS she was trying to sell on Craigslist for $150.00. I guess it turned out win, win,, win considering we would have had to buy her a new cell anyway, and baby will be very busy for a long time!

Friday, October 8, 2010

To The States Again....

Time for another trip to the States. Good thing this one will be very short, and hopefully very sweet.

Micah will be having his sentencing hearing the 16th of November. Since we have classes to teach here we will fly in one day, hearing next day, fly out that night.

The big question and prayer...minimum sentence please!!!!!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010


Today is "baby boys" birthday. It is a bittersweet day for me. On the one hand I am filled with joy when I remember his birth. I was talking to his older brother about it as we walked home from our track workout this morning.

My whole goal that hot October day in Independence Missouri was to finish our paper route before I finally had this baby. He was two weeks late and I was so ready to get this fifth baby born.

Since we did not do the ultra sounds we were all just hoping that he would be a girl. Having three boys already and only one girl we were all so hoping for a girl.

I loaded the kiddos in the little white car and we drove the paper route. As soon as we were done we loaded up the whole family in the van and drove to the hospital. My friend Jackie was there to keep the other four kids in check during the birth.

Really the only thing I remember the most about his birth was the fact that a)I almost had him in the toilet and b)his shoulders got stuck and it took a couple of pushes for the doc to turn him around and get him "unstuck".

Other than that it was quick and he was a lovely little squirmy guy with tons of black hair, and of course very big shoulders. He weighed in at a whopping 7lb.15oz. and was 21" long. Man was I happy to finally get that boy here.

Now all I can think about is how happy I will to finally get that boy out of jail and have a real birthday party with him on his birthday. This is his third birthday in county jail and we are all ready for a real party.

Of course like he in all his optimism reminded me tonight on the phone, at least I know he will not get drunk and die on his 21st birthday. That much we know.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Personal Training

I had forgotten how much I loved helping people get fit! Our last school student wanted me to help her put together a marathon training program. We went through and I gave her a great program based on her mile time. I got an email from her telling me how much she hates Mondays! Yes, success!

The reason she hates Mondays is that is track workout. I have her doing some speed work on the track and she is obviously loving that part. In all fairness we also do our speed work on Mondays, so at least we feel her pain.

I have also given my 24 year old a work out schedule to prepare him for some triathlons. He is luckier than I in that he has a bike. He is at a disadvantage in that he does not know how to swim, so we will be working on that one. Piece of cake though. When I started doing triathlon I went to masters to learn to swim. The coach still jokes about how shocked she was the first time I showed up for swimming.

I had on my little pink goggles, as well as my pink one piece and a little pink cap. I thought it was charming. My friend, the coach, said she just kept waiting for me to either drown or stop coming. Well I am still living and I know how to swim so it was great that I proved her wrong.

Though I do have to admit when my swim group heard that someone had drowned at Ironman Utah they were pretty sure it was me..

When I was giving my son his work out I just looked at him and commented that I could not believe I ever worked out that much. Those were the days....

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Biker Is Born

When my children were young we had a standing rule in the family. They had to be faster than mom at some sport. They grudgingly took on a few sports and struggled through. All but a couple of them that is. Teeny is much faster at swimming,, when she trains. My oldest daughter, whom is my running partner, I should say was my running partner, is super fast. Now my third born has taken up cycling, running and swimming.

Today he rode up to Monte for his first time. He loved it, once he got there. He was also enjoying coming down until he blew out his back tire. And the good news was once he fell and got it over with he was ready to go on the new pedals.

Needless to say a new Biker is born! Watch out Uncle Bart he is going to carry the torch!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


What an intense full moon week! We have another son coming to live with us this week, as in tomorrow. My son-in-law has busted his butt to put in a new room for the son. Now we are just thinking about moving all the little ones out there, hmmm quite the idea.

Today a verdict was handed down in a trial, putting one mother through hell. The shooter in my son's case was found guilty of 6 of 7 counts against him. All of them felony charges. He is 20 years old. All I could think of was his poor mother and the anguish she must be feeling. I hope they had a couple of good years the past two and a half years, knowing that their lives would change forever.

I read a book, "A Different Kind of Normal" that addressed this issue. The issue of families that plan their holiday, vacations, and where they are going to live based on their kid in prison.

Hey that is my life as a matter of fact. Now we can move on in the whole process, get a sentence and continue with this thing we call life, a different kind of normal life that is.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Well here we are again. Home safe and sound. The good part was we missed the earthquake on that side of the country by two hours. It was crazy to think it happened right after we left. I have not heard of any damage, but I'm sure the waves went crazy for sure.

We loved Tamarindo and are looking forward to our return already. It was an awesome trip and there is nothing I would change about the whole trip. We were able to relax, play, and explore the little town. Met some really cool people. I do believe next time hubby goes on a date with me he will make me cover the dreads. He got tired of people saying, "Rasta, you want ganja?" It was pretty funny.

The kids had fun but were happy to get home to their beds and dogs.

Just found out another son will be joining us next week. Good times! Will be working on adding a screened in porch out back so he can have a space. It is nice even if you are a little crowded to have a little space of your own. Especially when we have to close off the front of the house for massage class and clinics.

On the really good note, it only sprinkled for a few minutes today, yippee! I would like to think rainy season is slowing down, but I know that is too good to even think about. We are in for a couple of good months yet. Ah well at least we have a wonderful drier now and can dry out our clothes. There is something comforting in knowing if you get really wet you can still dry out.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rough Run

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, these should say how our marathon was.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Whoa, whoa, whoa! What the heck? How did this marathon creep up on us so fast? I was just busy teaching and living life and of course training, but here it is. I am trying to be positive, like watching Nike commercials etc. to get pumped for the pain. Actually the last two I have done have not hurt. When I did the half in Leadville I was going too darn slow to be sore. And the marathon last year, just was not sore.

Well I have a good friend in Flagstaff that would tell me I did not go hard enough if I was not sore. So Saturday I will be sore! I will give it every ounce and by golly I will set a pr if it kills me! And yes Rebekah you can take off, stay, or do whatever you need to do to take care of yourself while I am spasming out!

I have come up with a plan that goes against all running rules. The deal is it is cool for about the first half of the marathon. Then that wonderful sun comes up and it heats up, fast. My plan is to run the first half faster than the second half. Now I know all the books say opposite, but they aren't running a marathon in Tamarindo at 98% humidity and about 89 degrees.

We also have the guys in our court and they will be keeping us in the coconut water for our trek. Man this is going to be fun!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Snails and Shells and Puppy Dog Tails

I figured after all my rantings about boys last week I would post a reminder of why they win my heart over. I mean always and forever that is, not only when they are this young and charming, or as we call this little guy "guapisimo".

Friday, September 3, 2010

More On Boys

This was a good day for boys. I think boys are just like that, all good or all bad. The trick is when you have four sons, rare to get a day when they are all good. I got a chance to talk to Micah today and he was in a great mood. The trial is winding down and he is looking forward to receiving his sentence and moving on. He is also super excited that we are still selling copies of his e-book.

Son numero dos is doing good. He is trying to get himself moved down to the valley with his older brother. He has a truck that needs fixing and then he is on his way. Ready to move on all the time that one. He loves to be moving. In fact he said he walked 15 miles yesterday. He is a walker. Kind of like Forrest Gump, just feels like walking.

Numero dos has actually moved himself and his perro down to the valley. He found a studio apartment for a good price and is anxious to get moved down there. The really bad news is he has to get rid of his dog. The problem is the dog has never been right in the head. He is scared of everyone and everything. In the beginning when my son would walk him he had to carry him. He was obtained at a no kill shelter and apparently had been beaten or otherwise abused. So he was never a good dog, but still hard to part with after two years.

Numero tres is still struggling to deal with is divorce and not having his three girls around. I really don't have much empathy, never having dealt with it myself so I just try to be there for him and do lots of listening. He has found old friends that have been through similar trials and are there for him, so that helps.

I won't even go into the daughters :) That is another post for another night. In the meantime we are wrapping up our marathon training and tapering. Ah tapering my most favorite word in the whole world. Except I get really antsy and bored and my legs have that achy feeling. One more mid distance run tomorrow and then it is short runs for the next week in preparation for the big race. I say race when what I mean to say is run. That is much more appropriate.

Monday, August 30, 2010


What is it about sons that can send you over the brink of bat crazy? I mean seriously how can four I was going to say boys, but I guess they are men now, drive me so crazy?

My oldest son got divorced today. Yup just like that, after 8 1/2 years they decided they were done. Not worth it anymore I guess. It is interesting to talk to them. They both said they knew they had made a mistake the week after they got married. Now that is sad.

So we said to him "congratulations, now it is time to nut up or shut up". In other words prove that since you felt you were unequally yoked now you can soar. Now you can do things your way and hopefully that way will be better. Hopefully that way will make you happy. Hopefully your way will make your children happy. Hopefully someone will be happy after all is said and done.

If I sound a little cynical and upset about this I am. I guess mostly for the kids sake. Since I have never been involved in a divorce maybe I make more of it than is there. Maybe I over react to it. Maybe I just don't understand it. At any rate I am always the champion for the kids. The little ones that don't have a clue what the heck is going on and wonder why their Mom and Dad just can't get along. After all they have to get along with everyone don't they?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Book is Here

IT'S HERE! Just go to Micah's blog
This book is a compilation of Micah's poetry written during his first two years incarcerated in Coconino County Jail. I must say, totally unbiased of course, that he is a heck of an author.

Coffee With Apollo will make you laugh and cry and think. It really does offer a bunch for only $10.00. A lot of people have asked how they can help Micah. This is the best way. It is a great morale booster at a pretty tough time for him as well as keeping him in the coffee for awhile.

Thanks to all for continued support, love, prayers and trust in Micah.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Knitting Madness

We are all knitting like mad around here. It is already half way through August and we have until November to complete our goal of 1,000 articles for the orphanage in Hondurus. I will post pictures once my daughter finishes her blanket and we will all have one project down, only 997 left yahooo!

I have finished three hats and am loving making the hats. So far I am just experimenting and trying to find out what style I like the most. The little fitted ones are so cute, but then again the little curled brim hats are also really cute.

Besides that excitement we are all hoping and praying that the trial is over soon and some closure will be brought to all families involved. It is time to get this over with and let some boys move on with their lives, wherever that may be.

Well I better get back to my knitting and keep up with the speed knitters around this joint!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Best Use of Cigs

If you ever find a pack of cigarettes in your teenagers room and want to dispose of them rather creatively, here is a good idea for you!

It may piss them off a little bit, but hey at least they are that many cigs farther away from lung cancer. Now if we can just keep finding the hiding places we may just give her a few more years of life.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Here's Your Sign

Yesterday was Sunday so naturally we went to church. During the first meeting the Primary President, who was sitting behind us gave this beautiful braclet to baby. Do you know what that plant is? I surely don't think she did because it is a pot plant. Now I have to admit it is a darn pretty braclet, but I was a little shocked nonetheless.

I guess I can't really complain considering the fact the Y.W. President carries a really cute bag with pot plants all over it. Only in Costa Rica, pura vida!


Monday, August 9, 2010

Just Another Monday

Just another Monday, but a great run! Finally felt some legs and could actually run again without dying. This week and next week will be the most mileage for our race and I am ready. WE have an 18 miler this weekend and a 20 miler next weekend. This weekend is Mothers Day! I am really hoping for my new running shorts. I need new shorts really, really badly.

I am also in the process of trying to recertify for my NCBTMB. The thing is you have to take 50 CEU's every four years. I did all of mine last week, and the Ethics course also. Now I just have three more practicum massages and I will be done with that. The only problem? I forgot that it takes 10 days to mail anything from here and they probably won't get my stuff in time.

Dang I have never done that before. I just really lost track of time and am having so much fun that I did not think about it at all.

The course I took was an Ayurveda for Massage Therapists course. I enjoyed it and and am really ready to move along in my Ayurveda studies. Still trying to set on a date and place to go in India next year to do some more studies. And of course I still have those three massages to get done for three very lucky people.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yoga, Mate, and Running

So the verdict is in. I cannot drink a muy grande mate-latte every day and run. I also cannot go back to yoga after a year off and run the next day. This whole running thing is certainly starting to get inconvenient.

All week I have been having awful runs. I just could not figure out what the problem was. I would just be jogging along and boom my heart rate would jump up, I would start sweating bullets and get queasy. Kind of like I was working out at max heart rate, but I was not.

Thursday I was teaching, after drinking a huge mug of may mate-latte, and I broke out in a dripping wet sweat. It is like hot flashes, at least like I imagine hot flashes since I have never really had one. I just looked at our student and apologized for sweating like a pig.

Finally this morning as I was struggling because I was so freakin sore from yoga last night, I remembered one other time I had these same symptoms. I was taking some "all natural" diet pills. They were loaded with caffeine, as well as garana and some other pretty potent stuff. Same thing happened. I would be biking and my heart would feel like it was going to beat right out of my chest.

Hopefully now that I have figured it out I will start having better runs. As for the yoga, of course I will do more! Classes on Monday and Friday for me now.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ayurvedic Massage

I really enjoy doing Ayurvedic massage. I have watched videos and studied it for awhile, but I finally buckled down and did a couple. They are very fun, lots of oil and movement. In some ways it is like doing Lomi Lomi massage, which is Hawaiin massage.

The longer I am a massage therapist the more things I find to love about the profession. There are so many modalities and cool things out there for me to learn and experience. That being said I would not have taken this class or even tried it out had I not been made to.

In order to stay Nationally certified I have to complete 50 hrs. of CEU's every four years. I am about done with my credits and will be recertified for another four years.

And the best part was it was fun and I learned a lot.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Long, Long, Long Run and Week

For some reason this has felt like the longest week in the world. I guess because we have started a new session of class, and I had a long run, and my daughter and her family are trying to get ready to head back to Hondurus for a few days, and my periods are getting incredibly far apart.

Nothing bad of course, just lots of reasons for it to seem like a really long week. It is actually great to start classes up, and our school room is taking on a beautiful feeling, I love it!

Today was our 16 mile run. We had to wait until late afternoon to take off as my running partner was taking a final downtown. That turned out to be a really good thing because things had cooled off considerably and we had a wonderful run. It is amazing how much better long runs go when it is under 80 degrees!

My son-in-law went to the Honduran embassy last week to get his passport renewed as it was about to expire. Turns out they did not have the "machine" to do this and informed him that it would "just be easier" for him to go back to Hondurus to take care of this. Easier for who? That is a 15 hour bus trip and my poor granddaughter has been crying all day just thinking about going back on that long bus trip.

Then the really good news, the cycles are getting farther apart. Up to four and a half weeks now, could this really be the beginning of the end? And for the bigger question, will I get more mature now? Somehow I doubt it!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Irony at It's Finest

Last night I was thinking about the great injustice taking place in Arizona. As I was thinking I was reminded of another group of people that were treated the same. I had to laugh out loud as the irony of it hit me. I realized that a Mormon man has actually issued an "extermination order" of sorts to a group of people, after the Mormon people were the only other people to have one issued against them. Now isn't that irony at it's finest?

Headquarters of the Militia,
City of Jefferson, Oct. 27, 1838.

General John B. Clark:

Sir Since the order of this morning to you, directing you to cause four hundred mounted men to be raised within your division, I have received by Amos Reese, Esq., of Ray county, and Wiley C. Williams, Esq., one of my aids, information of the most appalling character, which entirely changes the face of things, and places the Mormons in the attitude of an open and avowed defiance of the laws, and of having made war upon the people of this state. Your orders are, therefore, to hasten your operation with all possible speed. The Mormons must be treated as enemies, and must be exterminated or driven from the state if necessary for the public peace--their outrages are beyond all description. If you can increase your force, you are authorized to do so to any extent you may consider necessary. I have just issued orders to Maj. Gen. Willock, of Marion county, to raise five hundred men, and to march them to the northern part of Daviess, and there unite with Gen. Doniphan, of Clay, who has been ordered with five hundred men to proceed to the same point for the purpose of intercepting the retreat of the Mormons to the north. They have been directed to communicate with you by express, you can also communicate with them if you find it necessary. Instead therefore of proceeding as at first directed to reinstate the citizens of Daviess in their homes, you will proceed immediately to Richmond and then operate against the Mormons. Brig. Gen. Parks of Ray, has been ordered to have four hundred of his brigade in readiness to join you at Richmond. The whole force will be placed under your command.

I am very respectfully,
your ob't serv't,

L. W. Boggs,

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Am That Mom

This is a post for a fun blog carnival!

I am that mom that got married when I was 17, and have never regretted it.
I am that mom that wanted 10 children, but had to settle for 7 wonderful souls.
I am that mom that decided to home school my children before it was "cool".
I am that mom that raised my children organic, without T.V. and no sugar, ever!
I am that mom that learned that the above one does not work.
I am that mom that got DES called on her for not immunizing her oldest child, 30 years ago.
I am that mom that is still fighting DES over home schooling the baby, 30 years later.
I am that mom that has watched a son go through rehab, a divorce, and alcoholism.
I am that mom that has watched a son go through crystal meth, and rehab on World of Warcraft.
I am that mom that will let my children live with me forever, I love having them here and they know it.
I am that mom that has a son in jail.
I am that mom that plans our family vacations around when we can go visit my son in jail.
I am that mom who lost all confidence for a few years when my son went to jail.
I am that mom who told all my kids they did not have to exercise ever, as long as they were faster at one of my triathlon sports than I was, they all are.
I am that mom who grew dread locks for my son who is in jail, because he couldn't.
I am that mom who decided at 42 I wanted one more baby and went to China to get my baby girl.
I am that mom who told hubby lets sell it all and move to Costa Rica.
I am that mom living with my family in Costa Rica, and loving it.
I am that mom who has lived four years without a car, and would love to never,ever have to have one again.
I am that mom who would rather hang out with her kids than anything else in the whole world.
I am that mom who loves to run with my daughter and cannot imagine doing a marathon without her behind me with the whip.
I am that mom that insists on living my life my way, and the same right for all my children.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Being home is great! There are hundreds of reasons to be glad to be home. The problem is there are a couple of very good reasons to miss the good ole' U.S.
They would be guapo #1 and guapo #2! There are also guapo #3 and #4 but I did not have pictures of them. It was so good to see, hang out with, eat with, play frisbee golf with, and just see my boys.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

30 Years Ago Today

I was going to write about how thankful I am for my oldest son who made me a mother 30 years ago. But then I started thinking about how he actually has so much to look forward to in his life. When I think back to when I was 30 I can remember that my life was just getting going at that point.

I actually had my last baby at 32 and then the fun really got started. Today I am hoping the same for him. Many years ahead filled with fun, adventure and great health. He is on the road and it looks like a fun road filled with love and success.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

U.S. Fun and Family

Sand baby. It is hard to believe this beautiful granddaughter is only 5! She is so tall, like the others. She is even taller than her "auntie" who is a year older than her.

Baby! She is 3 and has the most beautiful smile ever.

This leggy girl is a whole head taller than her "auntie" and only one year older. Model material!
And now you can see why the girls are so tall! They get it from their mama!

Contemplating in Texas.

My "baby" is gonna be dirty 30 tomorrow! He feels old, I feel much older. Of course I always explain to people that I started young, that is why I look so dang young, because I am!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sad Day

Today is a sad day for Costa Rica. The legislative body has approved 7,000 U.S. troops to move into our coast. They will be there from July until January. The excuse is for them to clean up the drugs there. Good luck on that one.

My heart breaks for the freedom loving folks in Costa Rica. There are many Costa Ricans who love the idea that they are peaceful and not warmongers. Now that whole wonderful pride will be gone.

I really knew this would come someday, but not now. If the people of Costa Rica did not resent us being here before, they sure will now. Our presence will be a constant reminder of how the U.S. took over their country.

I hope all those who voted for good ole' Laura are doing a bit of thinking at this point. Though I suppose it is a little late to figure out who your new president is sleeping with.

As I have always said, they can just look at the U.S and they are provided a perfect crystal ball. You can actually read the future of Costa Rica by watching the U.S. Now more than ever I suppose.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Great Mountain Climb

Here is a big Happy Birthday to the worlds best big brother! You know you really love your brother when you are willing to climb from 10,000 ft. to 13,000 ft. just to celebrate the big 50 with him! Well not with him exactly, but for him is a better way to put it. Though he did give me his 5 and 0 from his cake so I could use them in 15 months!

We all enjoyed some really good times. Here we are all enjoying a laid back breakfast the morning after. The amazing thing is I was not too sore. The truth was I could not go up fast enough to get sore, and could not run down fast enough to get sore. Going up it was all I could do to stay upright, man does that altitude make you nauseaus. Coming down the rocks were killers and I was just trying to not fall on my face!

I have to say Leadvlle Colorado is a beautiful spot. Here are the bros and significant others and I enjoying the park with the kiddos. The weather was pleasant, except at the top of the mountain where wind and more wind prevailed.

Pretty cool medals they got ha? Once again I worked my butt off to complete a race and ended up with no medal. As soon as I crossed the line the lady apologized to me that they messed up their order and sent them too many full marathon medals. That is the second race in a row with no medal. What is the lesson in this for me? Get faster so I can actually get a medal! I was 17th in my age group out of 20, not too bad. And I finished in 4:58, under the five hour goal I had for myself.

Here I am coming down the home stretch. Thank goodness the last three miles is all down hill and on dirt road. It was so good to see hubby waiting there and waving to me. I just wanted to cry, I was really wiped out.I could not eat anything the whole climb as the altitude made me really sick. So just lots of water and gatorade, took some real recovery for that one.

We all lined up together. Only three of us completed the race, but my other brother was a great help in getting me to run on the downhill when I really did not want to. He helped me make up enough time that I could go with my goal. Aren't brothers the best?