Thursday, September 30, 2010

Personal Training

I had forgotten how much I loved helping people get fit! Our last school student wanted me to help her put together a marathon training program. We went through and I gave her a great program based on her mile time. I got an email from her telling me how much she hates Mondays! Yes, success!

The reason she hates Mondays is that is track workout. I have her doing some speed work on the track and she is obviously loving that part. In all fairness we also do our speed work on Mondays, so at least we feel her pain.

I have also given my 24 year old a work out schedule to prepare him for some triathlons. He is luckier than I in that he has a bike. He is at a disadvantage in that he does not know how to swim, so we will be working on that one. Piece of cake though. When I started doing triathlon I went to masters to learn to swim. The coach still jokes about how shocked she was the first time I showed up for swimming.

I had on my little pink goggles, as well as my pink one piece and a little pink cap. I thought it was charming. My friend, the coach, said she just kept waiting for me to either drown or stop coming. Well I am still living and I know how to swim so it was great that I proved her wrong.

Though I do have to admit when my swim group heard that someone had drowned at Ironman Utah they were pretty sure it was me..

When I was giving my son his work out I just looked at him and commented that I could not believe I ever worked out that much. Those were the days....

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Biker Is Born

When my children were young we had a standing rule in the family. They had to be faster than mom at some sport. They grudgingly took on a few sports and struggled through. All but a couple of them that is. Teeny is much faster at swimming,, when she trains. My oldest daughter, whom is my running partner, I should say was my running partner, is super fast. Now my third born has taken up cycling, running and swimming.

Today he rode up to Monte for his first time. He loved it, once he got there. He was also enjoying coming down until he blew out his back tire. And the good news was once he fell and got it over with he was ready to go on the new pedals.

Needless to say a new Biker is born! Watch out Uncle Bart he is going to carry the torch!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


What an intense full moon week! We have another son coming to live with us this week, as in tomorrow. My son-in-law has busted his butt to put in a new room for the son. Now we are just thinking about moving all the little ones out there, hmmm quite the idea.

Today a verdict was handed down in a trial, putting one mother through hell. The shooter in my son's case was found guilty of 6 of 7 counts against him. All of them felony charges. He is 20 years old. All I could think of was his poor mother and the anguish she must be feeling. I hope they had a couple of good years the past two and a half years, knowing that their lives would change forever.

I read a book, "A Different Kind of Normal" that addressed this issue. The issue of families that plan their holiday, vacations, and where they are going to live based on their kid in prison.

Hey that is my life as a matter of fact. Now we can move on in the whole process, get a sentence and continue with this thing we call life, a different kind of normal life that is.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Well here we are again. Home safe and sound. The good part was we missed the earthquake on that side of the country by two hours. It was crazy to think it happened right after we left. I have not heard of any damage, but I'm sure the waves went crazy for sure.

We loved Tamarindo and are looking forward to our return already. It was an awesome trip and there is nothing I would change about the whole trip. We were able to relax, play, and explore the little town. Met some really cool people. I do believe next time hubby goes on a date with me he will make me cover the dreads. He got tired of people saying, "Rasta, you want ganja?" It was pretty funny.

The kids had fun but were happy to get home to their beds and dogs.

Just found out another son will be joining us next week. Good times! Will be working on adding a screened in porch out back so he can have a space. It is nice even if you are a little crowded to have a little space of your own. Especially when we have to close off the front of the house for massage class and clinics.

On the really good note, it only sprinkled for a few minutes today, yippee! I would like to think rainy season is slowing down, but I know that is too good to even think about. We are in for a couple of good months yet. Ah well at least we have a wonderful drier now and can dry out our clothes. There is something comforting in knowing if you get really wet you can still dry out.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rough Run

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, these should say how our marathon was.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Whoa, whoa, whoa! What the heck? How did this marathon creep up on us so fast? I was just busy teaching and living life and of course training, but here it is. I am trying to be positive, like watching Nike commercials etc. to get pumped for the pain. Actually the last two I have done have not hurt. When I did the half in Leadville I was going too darn slow to be sore. And the marathon last year, just was not sore.

Well I have a good friend in Flagstaff that would tell me I did not go hard enough if I was not sore. So Saturday I will be sore! I will give it every ounce and by golly I will set a pr if it kills me! And yes Rebekah you can take off, stay, or do whatever you need to do to take care of yourself while I am spasming out!

I have come up with a plan that goes against all running rules. The deal is it is cool for about the first half of the marathon. Then that wonderful sun comes up and it heats up, fast. My plan is to run the first half faster than the second half. Now I know all the books say opposite, but they aren't running a marathon in Tamarindo at 98% humidity and about 89 degrees.

We also have the guys in our court and they will be keeping us in the coconut water for our trek. Man this is going to be fun!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Snails and Shells and Puppy Dog Tails

I figured after all my rantings about boys last week I would post a reminder of why they win my heart over. I mean always and forever that is, not only when they are this young and charming, or as we call this little guy "guapisimo".

Friday, September 3, 2010

More On Boys

This was a good day for boys. I think boys are just like that, all good or all bad. The trick is when you have four sons, rare to get a day when they are all good. I got a chance to talk to Micah today and he was in a great mood. The trial is winding down and he is looking forward to receiving his sentence and moving on. He is also super excited that we are still selling copies of his e-book.

Son numero dos is doing good. He is trying to get himself moved down to the valley with his older brother. He has a truck that needs fixing and then he is on his way. Ready to move on all the time that one. He loves to be moving. In fact he said he walked 15 miles yesterday. He is a walker. Kind of like Forrest Gump, just feels like walking.

Numero dos has actually moved himself and his perro down to the valley. He found a studio apartment for a good price and is anxious to get moved down there. The really bad news is he has to get rid of his dog. The problem is the dog has never been right in the head. He is scared of everyone and everything. In the beginning when my son would walk him he had to carry him. He was obtained at a no kill shelter and apparently had been beaten or otherwise abused. So he was never a good dog, but still hard to part with after two years.

Numero tres is still struggling to deal with is divorce and not having his three girls around. I really don't have much empathy, never having dealt with it myself so I just try to be there for him and do lots of listening. He has found old friends that have been through similar trials and are there for him, so that helps.

I won't even go into the daughters :) That is another post for another night. In the meantime we are wrapping up our marathon training and tapering. Ah tapering my most favorite word in the whole world. Except I get really antsy and bored and my legs have that achy feeling. One more mid distance run tomorrow and then it is short runs for the next week in preparation for the big race. I say race when what I mean to say is run. That is much more appropriate.