Wednesday, January 26, 2011

School Time

School starts in two weeks aughhh! It seems like baby just got out for summer break and it is time for her to return already. Her very lovely teacher has been spending an hour every week working with her and getting her ready for second grade. I keep thinking I want to homeschool but she is having so much fun I hate to take her out. I suppose as long as she is enjoying, learning and having a positive experience we will leave her there.
We have been in an ongoing battle with aerocasillas over mail delivery. Evidently thanks to homeland security you are very limited on what you can mail to yourself these days. That would include a mate gourd as well as some mate and a tatoo kit. Get real what is the problem?
I am trying to talk grandma into visiting and delivering gifts with her visit. She has not visited in the four and a half years we have lived here and I believe she would love it.
Daughter and her family have found a great three bedroom house right around the corner from us. It is nice to have a little elbow room but still have them close enough to run over.
Teeny worked for two and a half weeks at a call center taking verbal abuse for eight to twelve hours a day and decided it was not really what she wanted to do with her life. Now to get her studying and ready to take her exams. She really wants to go to estitian school. That would be fun for her and combined with her massage training she could work well at any spa.
We still have the "guy on the chair" playing his game non stop. I love computer and internet surfing but this guy puts me right to shame. Our oldest son is planning on moving here for awhile to chill and get his life together.
We really thought we found a pretty good hiding place here in Costa Rica but evidently not :) Actually I love having the tribe around and we are enjoying hanging out, going to the beaches doing leaves etc. Pura Vida!

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