Saturday, January 1, 2011

Revolution Not Resolution

This year it is time for a revolution and I am ready!!! I just keep listening to John Lennon and know it is time for a revolution. My thinking has changed drastically this year and now I will have a time to act on it.

My biggest goal looming at the moment is Ironman Mexico in Cozumel this November. Boy I get really nervous in my stomach when I even think about that one, it will be a doozy. I have been doing four runs and three bikes a week. Next week the pool opens and I will add a couple of swims a week. The thing is I never get really fast at swimming, but I sure need to get stronger.

I have so enjoyed getting back on the bike. Man it feels good to cycle again and I forgot how much I loved it. Last week I even made it all the way up to Monte. It took some doing and I was a little sore in the hamstrings the next day, but it was awesome to make it.

One thing I am trying to incorporate this time, since I am not working as much and do not have six children at home, will be yoga. I hope that training will not be quite as stressful with less kids and less work and better weather. We will see. I do have the disadvantage of being 10 years older than the last time I did this.

Looking forward to an awesome year!

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