Monday, May 30, 2011

Lazy Daze

Puerto Viejo with the family. It was beautiful and the food was great, oven baked pizza!
The trip from Hell! Our bus got caught up in a strike by the truckers traveling across Central America. What should have been a five hour trip to Nicaragua ended up being an eight hour trip.
Senior and Senora Viejo in Puerto Viejo a fun trip.
A mother daughter moment in Viejo!
Tattoo time with her big brother.

O.K. so I have had a bit of a lazy spell about blogging. I really should not do that as I am planning to blog to book all my posts and that is about as far as I get on the whole scrap booking idea. I have included a few recent pictures to update out big adventure.

When we moved here four and a half years ago I never imagined the effect the move would have on me. I can't speak for the rest of the family, but for me it has been a life changing adventure.

One of my sons called me from the U.S. today to tell me about how he almost got a ticket for riding his skate board through a stop sign. It was the most bizzare feeling in the world to realize that it made no sense to me. It also made me wonder how it ever made sense to me. I asked my family " if you are driving in your car and you get pulled over they can give you a ticket if you do not have a seat belt on. Why?"

No one could answer that question. It no longer makes sense to us.

I have also had my named removed off the rolls of the mormon church. I cannot talk bad about my experience in the church. It was what it was and I am ready to move on. There are many, many people who are very bitter about their experience in what they refer to as the "cult".

It was always my choice and I could have left at any point and time. We are glad to be done with that phase of our lives and look forward to the life and adventures ahead. Peace and pura vida!

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