Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Swim Lessons

Baby and I have spent the last couple of weeks teaching her to swim. The only problem is that she already thinks she can swim and is pretty clear about not taking directions from Mom. She is doing pretty good overall and I think she could keep from drowning if the situation should arise.

She is getting to an age that I would like to put her in some kind of lessons but can't seem to find anything she is really interested in. We have done it all of course with six older siblings, and she does not find any of the activities that interested them interesting to her.

We have kind of run out of creative things for her to do. She thought she wanted to take karate, then I told her I had problems when I thought of her hitting people and getting hit. She thought about that for about a minute and changed her mind on that one. We tried dance and she found it really boring. I told her DS is not an option for an activity!

I think she is trying to find something her elder siblings have not tried out, now that is going to take awhile to find. We went and sat in on a gymnastics class for children, no way she said it looked boring. The grandkids are all charged up about that one and will be going to classes there, but that was not enough to convince her.

Hubby has talked about taking Chinese language lessons with her, maybe that is more up her ally. I just get a little hung up on her physical self. Too many years of doing triathlons have taught me that if you don't start a kid when they are young on a sport they will not have a chance at being competitive. There is that word, the one I think baby is trying to avoid. She does not want anything that looks "competitive". She does not like it and tends to be very much like her Mom and Dad, super competitive.

The search is on!

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