Thursday, December 18, 2008


I did the cookie excange a couple of weeks ago that one of the gals had on her blog site. One of the recipes was for cake balls. They looked great and we decided to give them a try.

The bad news is did you know dipping chocolate can have a seizure? Well it can and ours did. Our chocolate actually siezed up just like all of the sudden it stopped moving it literally siezed up.

Well we are working on reviving it and trying to bring it back to life so that we can finish up our cake balls. This is the recipe we used, you can experiment like my daughter and come up with lots of fun ways to make the cake balls, then you will be a real life baller!

Bake one cake. Let it cool and stir it in with one can of frosting. We used carrot cake and white frosting.

Form them into balls and freeze. I made some into snowmen. Melt your dipping chocolate, just not too much or it will seize, I guarantee that. Dip your balls and cool. For the snowmen I used a lemon cake mix and white frosting and dipped in white chocolate. We have also made some chocolate ones we are going to dip in a chocolate mint dip. You can get really imaginative and make some fun ones.

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