Saturday, December 13, 2008


Can you imagine singing a solo in front of about 150 people? I can't either but my 14 year old did tonight. Now imagine doing it in another language. That too! She sang a song in Spanish at a special program for young girls. I was very proud of her. One man asked her in broken English if she was the next Hannah Montanna!

We were always very commited to having the kids learn at least one instrument or some kind of music. She chose childrens choir and has been singing every since she was 8. When she sang her solo she did not use the mike because she has a very loud voice.

One man asked us if she took after her mother. I had to tell him all of our children play or sing, I listen, and my husband said he pays! So far it has gotten one scholarship and hopefully made lots of happy memories for my children.

I still remember the night we went to pick up one son from Juvy because he and his violin buddies had tried to steal a decoy deer out of the front of someones house, oh yeah good times.

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Kristi B said...

Way to go Hannah! That's awesome!