Saturday, December 6, 2008


I find the best way to get into the true spirit of Christmas is to do something for someone else. Today we took part in the fundraiser to raise money for an orphanage here in Costa Rica for handicapped children. Many volunteers pitched in time, money and energy to make it happen. We were glad to just take our crowd and eat the spagetti and listen to the band.
Jim was the serving guy. He was kind enough to even specialize plates for the kids!
Harmony Roads was the name of the band there to entertain us with their great music.
Like I said we were just happy to be there and enjoy the food to do our part!
Believe it or not the girlies waited all week to see Santa! Don't they just look thrilled? After I took the picture I told them that at least Santa was smiling.

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Tracy P. said...

Wow, you've got an interesting life and blog! I liked your post about the Christmas rush. We have scaled back a lot this year because we are going away for Christmas, and it is nice not to be in a frenzy. My Cookie Exchange post is unfortunately because I was a little sad that I wouldn't actually be hosting one in my home this year--next year I'll have some new things to make!