Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Logistics of Family Racing

I am not used to having other members of my family racing along with me. It is fun and of course very humbling. There are a few drawbacks, but the fun is worth it for sure.

The biggest draw back would be the food bill! Holy guacamole we all eat a lot when we are training for a half marathon! Especially when we all do our track workout the same day, and long run the same day, lots of calories to replace those days.

Last night I cooked a perfectly healthy perfect meal. Whole wheat penne pasta with a vegee marinara sauce and a beautiful salad. About thirty minutes after dinner hubby started talking about how good a banana split would taste about now.

At least we did healthy banana splits. A great huge banana, only two scoops of ice cream, home made chocolate syrup made with cocoa powder and raw sugar, and nuts on top. I don't even want to know how many calories, but it did satisfy the itch and was fun to eat while watching the Biggest Loser.

I think hubby is still trying to recoup his calories and rest after his 10k on Sunday because he ordered cheeseburgers and potato wedges for dinner tonight. Good thing we are getting ready for our half marathon on Sunday.

Which brings up another logistic problem. Me and my daughter are going to ride the bus to Cartago to do our half marathon. I was thinking this morning "wait a minute, I don't want to ride three busses in my running clothes, and not to mention wearing them home after a half marathon! We would clear the bus to be sure".

I asked my son who also did the 10k last Sunday if he would be willing to go with us and watch our junk and maybe shoot a couple of pictures. He readily agreed so that base is covered. His very kind younger sister went along to their race to be the holder, and picture taker.

Not sure what we will do when we have bikes to haul, probably have to break down and rent a car for those races, or just ride our bikes to the race :)

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