Thursday, October 28, 2010

Still Stylin'

Every year on October 27th we have a tradition. That is the day we celebrate "Gotcha Day" with our baby.
We get out all the baby clothes she was wearing on that wonderful day, and she tries them on. I can't believe that after six years they still fit her, amazing.
The funny part is she is turning into a model in them, even down to the split pants.
This year was fun as she is understanding more and more about the whole mind boggling idea of adoption. I'm not real sure when or if it ever actually makes sense to a child that their birth mother gave them up, but she acts like she gets it.
She never asks questions about her birth mother. She just tells people that she has two moms one that had her in her belly and another one that takes care of her.
I guess every year it will become more understandable for her. In the meantime we will enjoy the excuse to party!

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