Monday, October 4, 2010


Today is "baby boys" birthday. It is a bittersweet day for me. On the one hand I am filled with joy when I remember his birth. I was talking to his older brother about it as we walked home from our track workout this morning.

My whole goal that hot October day in Independence Missouri was to finish our paper route before I finally had this baby. He was two weeks late and I was so ready to get this fifth baby born.

Since we did not do the ultra sounds we were all just hoping that he would be a girl. Having three boys already and only one girl we were all so hoping for a girl.

I loaded the kiddos in the little white car and we drove the paper route. As soon as we were done we loaded up the whole family in the van and drove to the hospital. My friend Jackie was there to keep the other four kids in check during the birth.

Really the only thing I remember the most about his birth was the fact that a)I almost had him in the toilet and b)his shoulders got stuck and it took a couple of pushes for the doc to turn him around and get him "unstuck".

Other than that it was quick and he was a lovely little squirmy guy with tons of black hair, and of course very big shoulders. He weighed in at a whopping 7lb.15oz. and was 21" long. Man was I happy to finally get that boy here.

Now all I can think about is how happy I will to finally get that boy out of jail and have a real birthday party with him on his birthday. This is his third birthday in county jail and we are all ready for a real party.

Of course like he in all his optimism reminded me tonight on the phone, at least I know he will not get drunk and die on his 21st birthday. That much we know.

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