Thursday, December 2, 2010

Minimum Sentence

Although I try to keep the news about my son in jail on his blog I have to post this good news. Yesterday I flew into Arizona for his sentencing hearing. After two and a half years in county jail he has received the minimum sentence of five years. He can finally be transfered to prison and will have a little less than two years left to serve his time and price to society.

If anyone is unclear about how I feel about jails and prisons I will make it clear right here and now. I oppose all jails and prisons and feel they do nothing at all to rehab or help anyone anywhere. They are nothing more than schools to learn bad things and bad behaviors. I only pray my son can keep his great spirit through his prison experience and find good like minded individuals in the process.

There are not many people who can come out of the prison system better people than they go in, but I expect to see him do just that. In his two and half years so far he has read over a dozen classic books, as well as written a book and another to be published soon. If he can keep up this attitude in prison I will be so dang proud of that kid.

The only good part about yesterday, besides the minumum sentence of course, was the fact that I got to visit for over two hours with my son. We had a great talk and tried to take each other in since it will be a few months before I am able to talk to him again. He will be in transfer as well as the fact that we cannot talk on the phone or visit until we get approved after our background checks.

Stupidest system ever invented on earth!

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