Saturday, December 25, 2010

Santa and Sandwiches

Merry Christmas to all! We had a great Christmas with the family. The kiddos were so dang wired up taking them to the park yesterday did not even calm them down. Maybe next year a marathon the day before Christmas or something like that.

We had yummy food and played card games and made all kinds of racket. Hubby was going to attend midnight mass with the guys but they all started dozing off and voted against it. Maybe next year.

This morning we all got up very early and enjoyed a few presents. We are down to a $50.00 limit per person, so the shopping gets harder, yest more meaningful. After receiving all the blessings we went downtown Heredia and handed out meat and cheese sandwiches.

The girlies were awesome and not even one bit scared to approach those homeless people and give them a sandwich. I did feel a little bad when baby told me she was starving because she had only had a tangerine for breakfast and could she have a sandwich.

The highlight was my granddaughter. She came to get another sandwich from me after giving one to a guy sleeping in a box. She said how weird it was that he was sleeping in a box. I told her that was all he had, he had no home or bed or food. Later we were walking and she remarked to baby that when she grows up she is going to build a very big house for all these people to sleep in!

And a humanitarian is born!

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