Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Knitting Madness

We are all knitting like mad around here. It is already half way through August and we have until November to complete our goal of 1,000 articles for the orphanage in Hondurus. I will post pictures once my daughter finishes her blanket and we will all have one project down, only 997 left yahooo!

I have finished three hats and am loving making the hats. So far I am just experimenting and trying to find out what style I like the most. The little fitted ones are so cute, but then again the little curled brim hats are also really cute.

Besides that excitement we are all hoping and praying that the trial is over soon and some closure will be brought to all families involved. It is time to get this over with and let some boys move on with their lives, wherever that may be.

Well I better get back to my knitting and keep up with the speed knitters around this joint!

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