Monday, August 30, 2010


What is it about sons that can send you over the brink of bat crazy? I mean seriously how can four I was going to say boys, but I guess they are men now, drive me so crazy?

My oldest son got divorced today. Yup just like that, after 8 1/2 years they decided they were done. Not worth it anymore I guess. It is interesting to talk to them. They both said they knew they had made a mistake the week after they got married. Now that is sad.

So we said to him "congratulations, now it is time to nut up or shut up". In other words prove that since you felt you were unequally yoked now you can soar. Now you can do things your way and hopefully that way will be better. Hopefully that way will make you happy. Hopefully your way will make your children happy. Hopefully someone will be happy after all is said and done.

If I sound a little cynical and upset about this I am. I guess mostly for the kids sake. Since I have never been involved in a divorce maybe I make more of it than is there. Maybe I over react to it. Maybe I just don't understand it. At any rate I am always the champion for the kids. The little ones that don't have a clue what the heck is going on and wonder why their Mom and Dad just can't get along. After all they have to get along with everyone don't they?


Rebekah said...

hmmmm interesting points! except that you have been involved in a divorce for about 31 years now jajajajaja

Sally Oh said...

Bekah, be nice to your mother. I'll be mean: no, just kidding.

As the child of divorce, I'm here to testify that it is hard on the kids. I was never quite sure what was going on and did spend a fair amount of time blaming myself: "If I'd been a better little girl, daddy would still be home." Not that they should stay married, hell no. But just keep talking to the kids (my parents didn't) and for God's sake, get along (my parents did, thank goodness) and don't use the kids as sounding boards (my rents did not, t.g.)

Ok, that's all the advice I have (since you asked)... time for bed. xoxoso'b