Thursday, September 30, 2010

Personal Training

I had forgotten how much I loved helping people get fit! Our last school student wanted me to help her put together a marathon training program. We went through and I gave her a great program based on her mile time. I got an email from her telling me how much she hates Mondays! Yes, success!

The reason she hates Mondays is that is track workout. I have her doing some speed work on the track and she is obviously loving that part. In all fairness we also do our speed work on Mondays, so at least we feel her pain.

I have also given my 24 year old a work out schedule to prepare him for some triathlons. He is luckier than I in that he has a bike. He is at a disadvantage in that he does not know how to swim, so we will be working on that one. Piece of cake though. When I started doing triathlon I went to masters to learn to swim. The coach still jokes about how shocked she was the first time I showed up for swimming.

I had on my little pink goggles, as well as my pink one piece and a little pink cap. I thought it was charming. My friend, the coach, said she just kept waiting for me to either drown or stop coming. Well I am still living and I know how to swim so it was great that I proved her wrong.

Though I do have to admit when my swim group heard that someone had drowned at Ironman Utah they were pretty sure it was me..

When I was giving my son his work out I just looked at him and commented that I could not believe I ever worked out that much. Those were the days....

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