Friday, September 3, 2010

More On Boys

This was a good day for boys. I think boys are just like that, all good or all bad. The trick is when you have four sons, rare to get a day when they are all good. I got a chance to talk to Micah today and he was in a great mood. The trial is winding down and he is looking forward to receiving his sentence and moving on. He is also super excited that we are still selling copies of his e-book.

Son numero dos is doing good. He is trying to get himself moved down to the valley with his older brother. He has a truck that needs fixing and then he is on his way. Ready to move on all the time that one. He loves to be moving. In fact he said he walked 15 miles yesterday. He is a walker. Kind of like Forrest Gump, just feels like walking.

Numero dos has actually moved himself and his perro down to the valley. He found a studio apartment for a good price and is anxious to get moved down there. The really bad news is he has to get rid of his dog. The problem is the dog has never been right in the head. He is scared of everyone and everything. In the beginning when my son would walk him he had to carry him. He was obtained at a no kill shelter and apparently had been beaten or otherwise abused. So he was never a good dog, but still hard to part with after two years.

Numero tres is still struggling to deal with is divorce and not having his three girls around. I really don't have much empathy, never having dealt with it myself so I just try to be there for him and do lots of listening. He has found old friends that have been through similar trials and are there for him, so that helps.

I won't even go into the daughters :) That is another post for another night. In the meantime we are wrapping up our marathon training and tapering. Ah tapering my most favorite word in the whole world. Except I get really antsy and bored and my legs have that achy feeling. One more mid distance run tomorrow and then it is short runs for the next week in preparation for the big race. I say race when what I mean to say is run. That is much more appropriate.

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