Friday, September 17, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Well here we are again. Home safe and sound. The good part was we missed the earthquake on that side of the country by two hours. It was crazy to think it happened right after we left. I have not heard of any damage, but I'm sure the waves went crazy for sure.

We loved Tamarindo and are looking forward to our return already. It was an awesome trip and there is nothing I would change about the whole trip. We were able to relax, play, and explore the little town. Met some really cool people. I do believe next time hubby goes on a date with me he will make me cover the dreads. He got tired of people saying, "Rasta, you want ganja?" It was pretty funny.

The kids had fun but were happy to get home to their beds and dogs.

Just found out another son will be joining us next week. Good times! Will be working on adding a screened in porch out back so he can have a space. It is nice even if you are a little crowded to have a little space of your own. Especially when we have to close off the front of the house for massage class and clinics.

On the really good note, it only sprinkled for a few minutes today, yippee! I would like to think rainy season is slowing down, but I know that is too good to even think about. We are in for a couple of good months yet. Ah well at least we have a wonderful drier now and can dry out our clothes. There is something comforting in knowing if you get really wet you can still dry out.

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