Tuesday, September 21, 2010


What an intense full moon week! We have another son coming to live with us this week, as in tomorrow. My son-in-law has busted his butt to put in a new room for the son. Now we are just thinking about moving all the little ones out there, hmmm quite the idea.

Today a verdict was handed down in a trial, putting one mother through hell. The shooter in my son's case was found guilty of 6 of 7 counts against him. All of them felony charges. He is 20 years old. All I could think of was his poor mother and the anguish she must be feeling. I hope they had a couple of good years the past two and a half years, knowing that their lives would change forever.

I read a book, "A Different Kind of Normal" that addressed this issue. The issue of families that plan their holiday, vacations, and where they are going to live based on their kid in prison.

Hey that is my life as a matter of fact. Now we can move on in the whole process, get a sentence and continue with this thing we call life, a different kind of normal life that is.

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