Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Biker Is Born

When my children were young we had a standing rule in the family. They had to be faster than mom at some sport. They grudgingly took on a few sports and struggled through. All but a couple of them that is. Teeny is much faster at swimming,, when she trains. My oldest daughter, whom is my running partner, I should say was my running partner, is super fast. Now my third born has taken up cycling, running and swimming.

Today he rode up to Monte for his first time. He loved it, once he got there. He was also enjoying coming down until he blew out his back tire. And the good news was once he fell and got it over with he was ready to go on the new pedals.

Needless to say a new Biker is born! Watch out Uncle Bart he is going to carry the torch!

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Anonymous said...

Man, I am missing Costa Rica today!!! Miss you guys, my view, all that. But just three short years, lol!!!