Saturday, November 20, 2010

Britt Coffee Tour

If you ever come to Costa Rica, and you love coffee, and you have a couple of hours and an extra $15.00 you really should take the Britt coffee tour. Today we took our student over so she could do the tour. I really don't drink coffee, nor do I have $15.00 for a tour, so we just checked out the store.

The store was really cute and had tons of chocolate samples. That is right free samples. We hung out there for quite awhile until the worker lady came out from behind the counter and started hovering. Of course the fact that my granddaughter was eating chocolate covered coffee beans by the handful may have had something to do with it.

We looked over at her and both cheeks were full of candy and both hands were full. Needless to say the next hour we kept her busy walking around trying to keep her from climbing up the walls. Good times!

The weather has been holding at beautiful and we are so looking forward to a weekend at the beach next week. Time to chill.

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