Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Words A Mom Does Not Like to Hear....

My son returned from his bike ride this afternoon. I heard him from the kitchen talking to my daughter. She asked him how his ride was and he said good, really cool in fact because I got in two wrecks!

Now there is a problem with being an ex biker mom. My first question was not how are you, or are you alright? No my first question was how is the bike. I guess in my mind I knew that if he was sitting there talking he could not be hurt too badly, or he was in shock and I better treat him for it.

The wrecks were both his fault and I hope he learned before he does get hurt. In the first one he was riding on the tail of a little Honda and of course the Honda stopped quickly, boom he hit the car and flew over his bike to land on the back of the car. Thank goodness he survived. The driver came out and started asking him how he was doing in Spanish. My son told him that he did not speak so the guy asked in English is he was o.k. He said he was fine and they went on their way.

The next one the bus just ran him right off the road. Thank goodness no one can go very fast in their cars here, that probably saved his life today.

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Rebekah said...

Crazy bikers! I can't imagine sharing the road with a Tico...........they can't even share the ball much less a very small road lol