Monday, November 22, 2010

Flying Fears or Freak Outs

I have got to stop reading, listening and scouring the news for scanner and groping reports. I am going to get in the security line and just keel over from anxiety! I will have myself worked up to an actual frenzy by the time I get to the gate. Like I already have myself worked up to a frenzy. In fact my kids have forbidden me to even speak of the groping I will have to endure.

Come on can't you just look at an old woman with dreadlocks and know she is as harmless as a fly? Really just figure on seven kids and five grandkids and I will even bring pictures and brag a little to convince them.

A client of mine was flying several years ago and all the bobby pins in her hair set off the metal detector. The TSA person began to pat her beehive, she is old, and take out her bobby pins. She informed her that if she messed up her hair she better put it back the way it was. They left off messing with her at that point.

I am still trying to figure out my best strategy to deal with someone touching me all over my body. My kids do not seem to understand my reluctance to be groped by a stranger. I try to explain to them that I have been teaching ethics so long in conjunction with our massage school that I really believe in ethics. I believe there are ethical ways to touch a person and not touch a person.

We are all sacred beings and deserve the respect and reverence due us. So many people say that they are willing to give up a little self respect to feel safe flying. Do they really feel safe flying, because I know I don't!

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