Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Yoga Classes

We have two weeks of yoga now. it feels great and we are actually feeling better and even getting the hang of it. I have not even hurt my toe since hour first day. My daughter is a natural at yoga and I keep telling her it is her thing.

In the meantime we just keep running our four days to burn the calories and try to keep the game fun. The weather is changing into dry season so it has been so nice this week.

We have been teaching the past two weeks and enjoying the heck out of it. I love being in the classroom and working with our awesome students. I am just constantly amazed that we keep getting the coolest people in the world to our massage school, wonderful.

Today was the celebration of my oldest granddaughters birth. I cannot believe that eight years ago I became a grandma! Whoa getting up there for sure. The bummer is the stupid p.o. did not get her gift there in time. I guess it will give her something to look forward to in the next couple of days.

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