Sunday, January 24, 2010

Christus Climb

We did not bring the camera so I can´t show the cool hill we hiked up to see the Christus statue here in San Jaun. It was a fun hike, and we could rationalize that was our going to church for the day, since there is not one here. We thought about attending mass, but were not really dressed for that after doing the hike. The statue is beautiful though and built on the peninsula overlooking the whole bay. The bummer was they wanted a dollar each to go into the gate and actually ¨be¨there. Since we don´t usually hike around Nica with money on us we settled for seeing it and hiking around to see all the mansions up there. When we were climbing hubby kept saying ¨where do these people get all this money?¨ Once we got up there we saw that most of the places were for sale, guess they didn´t have the money after all. Manana is off to home, glad to go, and thankful for the break! Pura Vida!

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