Friday, January 22, 2010

San Jaun Del Sur

Well here we are again, 90 days later hanging at the beach, shooting the bull with Jerry over at Jerry´s pizza shop. Yeah it is a rough life I gotta admit it. On the bus coming over here I had a real show stopper thought. You know one of those ahah moments. What if I have had all the ¨joy¨in my life? Like what if the wonderful moments I have had in my life were it and I was too busy and serious to catch them? That whole thought really helped me get grounded and think some really happy thoughts. Like feeling bent out of shape because I have to leave for four days and hang at the beach. What the heck? By the way we have made some really cool discoveries while being here that we were unable to make when we had the girls with us.Cool!

One of these was a room for fifteen bucks a night for the two of us. We have been paying fifty! Also a bus over here for one dollar instead of twenty five. Heck yeah! Then we have found lots of little grocers or supers that have sprung up making food much more affordable now. And the weather has been the best. Usually we come during the rainy season and it is hot and humid. Now about eighty and cool breeze, beautiful. My heart goes out to my Flagstaff friends buried under five feet of snow. But you know what? I had tons of joyful moments buried up to my eyeballs in snow too!

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Rebekah Inestroza said...

I really hate to think what kinds of things you two love birds have discovered with out the girls around iiiiiiiiiiiicky LOL