Monday, January 18, 2010

Things People Throw out of Car Windows

She is such a sweet puppy, why would anyone do that? Last night the neighbor rang our door bell and showed us the poor pitiful puppy someone had just driven by and tossed out the window. Did we know anyone that would want her? We took her in just because she was so sweet and mellow. We set up a little box outside in the backyard and put a couple of blankets in it. She laid down and we did not hear another peep from her all night.

All day she has eaten puppy food well and even went for a walk. She is content to stay in the backyard and even when the door is open will not come in the house. Now I have to find a way to get rid of our old guy, the two year old mutt that was sold to us as a Chiuahuah. Which he aint! He also is not house broken yet, just area of the house broken. He loves me so much though and always sits on my lap in the evening when I finally get a chance to sit down.

Maybe one more dog won't hurt?

Note the crown :)

It is hard to believe that 24 years ago I was having my third baby! It is also hard to believe looking outside and swimming and running in the warm sun that he was born during a blizzard! In fact I was supposed to drive 45 minutes to the doc and have him. Well I pushed the time a little too close and hubby ended up delivering baby boy in the front room. Our kind friends came and brought a cord clamp and a few necessities to get us by. The problem was my uterine apnea which necessitated a visit to the doc to get some blood in me and a couple of stitches. Not too bad for an first time do it yourself. Hubby was just amazed how slippery the little fellow was and hard to hold onto, (I promise Jesse if you ever read this we did not drop you on your head :)
He has grown up to be one of the coolest men I know. A great artist you can check out here As you can see home schooling did not do him too much harm! Also 12 years of playing the violin did not hurt him in the creativity area either. I'm just darn glad he is our son and that we get to talk to him and even see him once in a while!

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