Thursday, January 7, 2010

Grandkids and schooling

Today I received in the mail a irreplaceable gift. A picture book of my Costa Rica grandkids. Even though I see them often I highly value hard copy, old fashioned pictures. My daughter did it online and we received it today in the mail. It is soooo cool! My favorite gift yet for sure.

Another gift I received today was that my 6 year old finally got it! I mean it finally clicked and she started putting the sounds together to read words, yahoooo! I am really excited and maybe tomorrow she will forget, but just for today I will enjoy the feeling of success that at least thinking she got it is giving me!

I have taught all six of my other children to read and would never let anyone else enjoy the great sense of joy that we both discover together when we accomplish this goal. There are days, like the past post that I really believe it is never going to click. And then one day they just get this little sparkle in their eye and wallah, they get it. That was our reading day today and I am so excited to get moving with her now. I have a feeling she is really going to take off now that she is reading. Harvard or Yale here we come!!!!

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cindy said...

This may sound crazy, but I came across your blog by typing in blogs from american expats in costa rica in google. Your story sounds amazing, my family is very much into tri's and adventure racing, I also did my first half marathon after the birth of my first child. My question is does your daughter live in costa rica? Reason I am family is moving there in the middle of Feb to the San Jose area. I do not speak a lick of Spanish and my husband will be there for a month and has to leave for 2 months after we arrive for work. I have a 2 yr old and I am pregnant with our second child and was hoping to chat with some american expats who could give me info on anything. Especially a doctor when I get there, that is the thing I am most worried about. If you think you could help me out at all, I would greatly appreciate it.
Happy New Year and keep up the great work.
Cindy Rhodes