Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shaving Legs, Bras, and Roller Skating

Poor little fellow didn't even skate and he got worn out!

As you can see she is taking this very seriously!

If one goes we both go!

Today was the day to go to Sabana Parque and check out the new outdoor roller rink. Since the girlies got skates for Christmas we have been practising to get them ready to go to the rink and show their stuff. We all got up early, packed a lunch and headed out, before it got too hot. I have to say, sorry to all those of you buried in snow, that it was very hot out today.

On the bus going downtown to meet the family baby kept complaining about a scratch on her leg. I asked her to let me see it. She kind of got shy about letting me check out her leg. That can only mean one thing and I was right, she shaved her legs in the shower this morning! She is six years old for crying out loud! I just stayed really calm and asked her why in the heck she did that. She said because her brother and sister kept calling her a hairy monster. I have to admit she has lots of hair, look at her head for goodness sakes. But I explained to her that she could not start shaving regularly until she is 10. She said ok.

Now my granddaughter is into wearing her little "bra". She is only 5, but will not leave home unless she has her "bra" on! What is the world coming to when a five year old wears a bra and her six year old aunt shaves her legs?

Just as a post note you can bet the big brother and sister got a tongue lashing!

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