Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Awards and New Recipes

I have been waiting for an excuse to try out a new recipe. Hubby gave me an excuse. He was invited to be in the Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society. I believe that means he is pretty darn smart. Or he works really, really hard, or a little of both. Of course I vote for the smart part because of course he chose me. Or maybe I chose him, can't really remember.

So here is the recipe that everyone has probably tried a hundred times and we are just now getting around to:
1 pkg. of oreo cookies crumbed
1 pkg. of cream cheese
mix the above together really well and roll into balls.
dip in melted chocolate.
Our version:
1 pkg of CR oreos, which means you have to unwrap every single one.
1 pkg. of queso crema, which I swear tastes just like the U.S. but everyone says I have forgotten.
Dipped in chocolate, means buy a cheap bar of chocolate and add some butter and milk and try to get it to the right texture.
It worked though and that is the good news.
They are supposed to refrigerate for two hours, but we did not make that and they were still pretty good.

A great way to top off a fun pool day and get ready for the big 12 miler in the morning. It is gonna be a hot one, that much is for sure. We are having all kinds of tropical storms here, which has been lots of fun and interesting. Also another earth quake on Monday night.

Last month our family practiced the "earth quake Position". Well here we get the big chance, and no one even got into the earth quake position! We were watching Greys Anatomy and no one moved, just looked at each other and wondered if we should get into the "earth quake position". Oh well!

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fairyfriend said...

You are living in the land of my three favorite foods, cacao, coffee, and coconuts. One thing I discovered in raw foods is the joy of raw organic cacao, agave nectar, and coconut oil. With those three things you can make any "chocolate" yummy treat you could imagine. Use the raw cacao powder mix it with agave nectar ( or you could use honey) then add however much melted coconut oil you want to make it "creamy" You actually need very little, which is the beauty cuz you control the fat. This will make a sauce and you can make it as sweet, thick or creamy as you want by adjusting any of the ingredients. Stir in nuts and fruit and roll into balls for tasty treats (I call them goo balls) or make a nut bar by mixing in all kinds of nuts and seeds a little oil and put it into the fridge to harden, yummy......

The raw "chocolate" saved me during menopause, it was healthy, raw, organic and a little is very satisfying. I was in a much better mood when eating this.

There is a organic cacao farm in CR I want to visit when I get there, I think it is north of you guys.

Dreaming of the 3 C's