Thursday, June 17, 2010

No More Strike

Yippee, no more strike for our airline. Spirit Airline has worked out their problems and are back to flying as of Saturday. Man that is a huge relief. Especially since we have not a clue what we are doing right now. So frustrated with Costa Rica, just not sure if I want to keep fighting the fight here.

Maybe I am just a little wiped from the good ole' 14 miler today. Man that was one long run to be sure. The humidity was really high and took its toll on me. Long runs are so boring and difficult without my old running partner. She was in bed sleeping! I kept telling my grandson to tell his mom to get up and stop being a lazy butt. He had it down by the time I left. I love being a grandma.

I asked hubby the other day if we got such a big kick out of our own kids when they were this age. He could not remember. I do remember that two is always entertaining and interesting!

Baby is back at school and worked on art work all day today. She loves art and enjoyed making dad a card for "dia de Padre". The school raised this big fuss about me putting her back in school so that she could spend the whole afternoon making a father's day card. Stupid!

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