Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Too Much Fun

Today was another beautiful day in the rainy season days. Costa Rica rainy season days are great. You get the whole morning to get things done and finish up your business, then get ready to hunker down for the afternoon rain. I personally like to knit or read, or even cook during the afternoon shower. Then it is done and you are free to travel once again.

We have never had a car here, and I'm sure that would change the way we do things here. Maybe people with cars don't have to plan quite as carefully as we do. We just really do not like to get our pants and shoes wet making our way to the bus. Without a drier it could take days to dry a pair of jeans or shoes.

Some people think we are not all there living as "primitive" as we do. The only things we really miss are our drier and of course moments of missing our car. Once we get our bills paid right around one hundred dollars and never have to spend hundreds on car repairs we are reminded why we do without. It is doing without some convenience, but at the same time it is doing without even more headaches.

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