Monday, June 7, 2010

Two Years Already

I cannot believe this little guy was born two years ago! Time flies when you are having fun. I also can't believe my daughter was brave enough to birth the boy in the public hospital here in Heredia. It was one scary place to be sure. I know there is a trend for people to come here to deliver their babies so that they can get residency.

Just know that this is not as easy as it used to be. It is lots of paper work, paper chases, as well as the fact they are getting sick of people coming here to do that and are onto that scam. For that reason they have built in blocks making it more difficult to get you residency.

We did have a great party, as usual and enjoyed the heck out of this little guy opening his presents. He was very animated and excited about each and every present he received. Once he got over the guests all looking at him that is.

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