Saturday, June 26, 2010

"Two More Sleeps Mom!"

We are counting down now. Only two more sleeps as baby says before we head North to the States. It is so hard to explain to people the mixed feelings of returning to the States when you live here. Our home is here, people we love and our jobs and schools. Therefore we miss our home when we leave. On the other hand there are my four sons living in the states and their families that we miss terribly. Such mixed feelings.

Not to mention the fact me and the girls missed a leave and are hoping they even let us back in the country when we head back. We have been hearing rumors of the customs turning people back when they are not legal. That would be one huge inconvenient drag to say the least.

We have covered our bases, we think, as far as the school and house are concerned. Thank heavens for family and friends willing to help us out. We even had one of our sons pitch in to get us back for a visit, that is awesome to say the least.

Today we took care of the last to do on the list. Went to my funny dread lock guy and got some tidy up work done. He uses a lighter and shapes them and gets rid of all the stray hairs. Well not all the stray hairs, would not be much left. I gotta share his story because it is pretty bizzare.

He was telling us that he started smoking ganga when he was 9 years old and living in San Jose.When he was 12 he was out smoking with a bunch of friends one day and his mother saw him. She threatened to kick him out if he did not stop. He got home that day and all his clothes were packed in bags and sitting outside. He took them and went to live at the beach in Limon.

He proceeded to sell his clothes. By the time he had run out of clothing to sell he had learned to make bracletts and jewlery. He grew out his dreads and lived on the beach selling jewlery for years. Now he owns his own store downtown and sells his jewlery and fixes hair wraps and dreadlocks. Pretty ambitious guy for being high most of the time for sure.

I am really happy with the fix up job he did, except for the smell of course, yuck!

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