Wednesday, June 9, 2010

IPod Shuffle

When I say shuffle I mean it. In that my daughter keeps stealing it. She steals it, I find it and put it up so she can't get it, and she finds it and nabs it again. Hence it is the IPod Shuffle.

She used to have her own IPod, but it finally expired after three years of abuse. Of course then she just started using mine. I would not mind except that mine is my life line. I cannot ever run without my IPod. I don't mean it is hard and boring, I mean I really cannot run without it.

On my long run a couple of weeks ago my IPod died. Daughter had been using it the day before and it died. I was like the energizer bunny that ran out of batteries. I stopped running and walked the rest of the loop to the house. I plugged in my IPod and waited about 15 minutes for it to recharge, while I drank a coconut water of course.

Once it was done, plugged in that energizer bunny and off I ran to finish the job. Yup that IPod is essential to my run. For that reason I have to come up with a much better place to hide it than my private shoe box in my closet. May have to come up with something really creative.

One other point on running with your IPod. Unless you really like Miley Cyrus, and Lady Caca, as we call her, don't let your 16 yr. old program your shuffle. I really have to skip quite a few songs. The only ones I don't skip are the ones in Spanish and that is just because I can't understand most of them :)

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