Monday, June 21, 2010

On The Lighter Side

In the midst of trying to get ready for our trip, prevent the PANI from taking baby, and keeping teeny caged up, the world cup has been a great diversion. You can see here that my daughter cannot even bear to see one more soccer game, her eyes are closed!

We had a fun day getting ready for and watching the Hondurus game. They cooked a typical Hondurun meal and it was great. Now if the catrachos had scored at least one point it would have been the perfect day!

I also got to talk to Micah for one of the last times before we actually get to see him in person. Well kind of person if you count talking on a phone through a glass window, in person. Close enough for me right now, though a hug would be awesome.

Also the fact that Flagstaff is burning as I type. In fact our old neighborhood is on evacuation alert and all the people across the highway have already been evacuated. Scary and very sad. We just keep praying and checking on the mountain.

Today is summer solstice and a great day to pray for the earth and all the bad stuff going on to the earth at this time. The oil gusher continues to spew in the gulf, the fire continues to burn, and people continue to kill each other. But hey as long as there is a World Cup to watch we can get a little break!

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