Thursday, October 30, 2008


So I thought it would be good to define what exactly is a hotmom? My momma used to say "beauty is only skin deep". And I would agree with that. Dr. Laura as well as Dr. Phil have both done studies into what exactly do men want from their women? Is your first thought big boobs, or a nice butt, or really pretty?

Guess again! The one most important thing for men was they wanted their women "nice". That was it, just nice. Sounds pretty simple ha?

Evidently it is not so simple since lots of men leave their wives, and girlfriends every day. Not that is is always the womans fault of course!

So my thought is that a hotmom is one who takes care of herself, and looks and acts her best at all times. Even when we are pms-ing or menopausing, or pg. A big part of that equation though is taking care of ourselves.

It is essential to get exercise, you cannot operate at your optimal level without that! You also must eat healthy, otherwise you will certainly have mood swings and hormone issues that will be very difficult to deal with.

Also essential is keeping our selves looking kept. That means do something with the hair. Not that you have to wear makeup at all, just keep your skin looking healthy and clean. Clothing does not need to be expensive just clean and somewhat fashionable.

We all know the essientels sometimes we just need a little encouragement to pull it together and try a little harder to be our best. Being a mom is no excuse to be frumpy! If anything we do not want our kids walking 10 steps in front of us when they get to be teens because they are embarrassed.

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