Sunday, October 19, 2008


We went on a great hike today at Buffalo Park. It sure brought back lots of memories as we hiked back to the mountains. I remember doing the early morning "Turkey Trots" on thanksgiving mornings. We even have a picture of our family from the newspaper all running that run. On that particular run you are not running to see who is fastest. You have to write down what you think your time will be for the 3 mile run around fat mans loop. The person coming closest to their time guess wins a pie! One year we did it we won three pies! That took care of the Thanksgiving pies.

I also remember doing a couple of 10 ks up there. It is a hard run as it is on gravel and the wind is always blowing from every direction. There is also an obstacle course you can do as you run.

Rebekah and I used to go up there when we were training. We liked it because it was on trails and easy on the legs. She trained up there for her marathon in Park City.

The one thing that struck me was how desolate it is up there. I always thought it was so beautiful up there, and now I guess minus the green it is beautiful in a high desert sort of a way.

I am going to begin my training for a 5k race in Feb. Stay posted to see the workout I will be using and find out with me if it works!

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