Monday, October 27, 2008


I have often wondered why I am so involved in health. I think it began when I was 13 and my mom married my step dad. We moved from Ventura California to Independence Missouri so that he could attend Chiopractic school.

When people talk about skeletons in their closets I tell them we had skeletons in our front room! I knew all the bones and muscles just from helping him study for tests. It never phased me when he adjusted people in the front room or on the floor at church or anywhere for that matter.

Once I was done having babies and decided to venture out into a career there was no doubt in my mind what it would be, helping people. When I see someone hurting or just plain feeling bad I start trying to help them, it is automatic.

The best feeling for me is when I see someone losing weight after years of trying, or someone just feeling good after finally starting a fitness program, or just someone getting motivated to try and take care of themselves.

I believe as moms we have a special responsibility to teach our children about health. If we teach them how special and amazing their bodies are, I believe they will in time learn to take care of them and do what is right for them. Hopefully before they have to!

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