Wednesday, October 8, 2008


The weather here in Vegas is beautiful. A good day for a run. They have a great triathlon magazine here listing all the races, there are tons. This would be the place to live to train and race.

We will spend the day at the park with the girlies. It is not up to 100 so they can even go down the slide!

It is quite different here than in the mountains of Flagstaff. Good things about both of them and bad. The air is so clean and thin there, heavy and warm here. Different workouts for different weather.

One thing that is sooo cool here is all the organic and healthy food, for reasonable prices. We have been shopping at the health food stores and it is great. You can find the food in Costa Rica, just not the selection.

I believe the prices for nutritious foods are the same, just easier to find.

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