Thursday, May 13, 2010

Distance Junky

I have decided I am a distance junky. Well I always knew I sucked at short races, especially sprints, but I am really loving distance. It is like I actually come to life about an hour of doing the sport. The only exception would probably be swimming, just because swimming back and forth is so darn boring. Oh yeah and the windtrainer or treadmill would also be the exceptions here, gotta be outside.

In the past when I have participated in sprint or even olympic distance triathlons I have not done too well. Unless of course there were no other old ladies there and then attrition comes into play for sure.

When I did Ironman Utah a few years back I actually placed in the upper third of my age group. In looking at my stats, because I do that and am actually pretty weird about it, I have finally figured out, don't enter short fast races.

My daughter always wants me to do 10k's with her and I refuse. It takes me 10k just to get warmed up and get the blood out of my stomach and into my legs.

Today I did a 9 mile run. For about the first mile I was thinking about how long this run was going to be. By mile four I was feeling pretty good and thinking how glad I was to be doing another loop. I was even able to kick it out a bit by mile 9, it felt sooo good.

When my daughter and I were training for Tamarindo marathon last year we so enjoyed our long runs. In fact we decided that after the race we would continue our long runs once a week. Needless to say we did not. Now that I have something to train for and am back on the long runs I am remembering how darn good it feels.

I am trying to talk my friend here in Costa Rica into doing the San Jose marathon with me in Dec. I think I will have to talk until Dec. to convince her!

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