Friday, May 21, 2010

Writing Ebooks

I am in the process of writing my first book. Well it is not really my book per se. It is actually my sons book. He started writing poetry when he first went to jail two years ago. He took a break for awhile, but is back at it.

Once I started translating his poems and writing them down I ended up with about sixty of them. The amazing thing is this kid can really write. I have had a few of his words I have had to look up and have been amazed at how well he spells and his grammar.

It is good to see he learned something in all the years we were home schooling, and when he was in a public high school.

Now it is my turn to research and learn how to do this ebook thing for all his friends and family. It is so good to talk to him and hear him get excited about something. Heck I would probably deposit money and tell him people are buying his book, it would do so much for him right now.

I remember a movie where a lady was making these funky little wooden chairs. People were always buying them. One day she went into her boyfriends garage and found it packed with those funky chairs! Cool story.

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