Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Love Yoga

I love yoga! The only problem is that yoga does not love me so much. I have had theories about my sacrum issues being that it is either locked up or unstable. Now those are two very different theories with two very different treatments.

So either I try to strengthen and tighten the area or I try to loosen and open up the sacrum. Yoga obviously aims for the second option.

For four months I practiced yoga every evening. It is impossible for me to do yoga in the mornings, so I found I could do it in the afternoon or evening. Anyway so I would work slowly and within my pain threshold to try and get results. Unfortunately the only results I got was pain and soreness.

I hurt all the time and could hardly move. It did not work for me. That is a big problem when you practice ayurveda and your hubby is a yoga instructor. I have decided to try Kundalini yoga. I have tried it before and it seems to work better for me.

The opposite treatment, that of tightening and strengthening works for me. In fact I have to run, swim or walk every day just to be able to move. In other words if I don't move I can't move.

I have tried specific core strengthening exercises and have found I have to be very careful. Using the physio ball works much better for me than anything I have ever used.

The biggest thing? Do not under any circumstances sneeze and twist your body at the same time :)

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