Friday, May 14, 2010

Friends and Visitors

Our visitors will be leaving tomorrow. This group has been a blast and we are sad to see them go. Tweeny worked hard to make sure they had fun and saw as much of Costa Rica as possible in budget.

It was great to have a fellow dreadlocker around to compare notes with. I have actually never been face to face with another dreader and been able to have a long conversation with them about their dreads. It is always interesting to find out why, how and when they began their journey.

We had such fun having them here that I signed us up for couchsurfing. We are officially a cs family and will host visitors now. It is great because they can read our profile and make sure they even want to stay here, and we can read theirs and make sure we want them to stay here.

Hopefully we will meet lots of amazing world travelers and find some new and exciting places we would like to go and visit. That list seems to grow longer instead of shorter though.

When these guys asked me what they could do to repay us for letting them hang here for 10 days, I told them the only requirement was they had to play me in a game of Scrabble. Yesterday we had our killer match of Scrabble and they let me win as they were supposed to, and life is great.

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