Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Don't Call Me White

My boys had a favorite song while they were growing up. I can remember the chorus, "don't call me white, don't call me white". Now why would anyone say that?

Read this quote:

"I'm tired of the title "racist" being rocketed towards anyone that feels people should only come into our country LEGALLY. I feel this way and calling me a racist will not scare me. My family and I lived in Costa Rica for a year...LEGALLY. We didn't go ANYWHERE without our passports...even to the grocery store! I didn't call any phone where I was prompted to push 2 for English, EVER"

Pretty outraged ha? Pretty sick of the whole illegal deal ha? You want to know a secret? They were illegal when they lived here! Yup I asked her when I met her if they did their leaves, well no but my hubby is a Tico so it is ok. No it is not ok, yes you are illegal.

When I reminded her of this after she left this message on FB she said "tee hee, I knew you would catch that Robbie". Ok then why the heck did you say it? Why in the heck did you even set yourselves up as an example of righteousness?

Yeah "don't call me white".

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