Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ohhh Yeah Triathlon Time

The news just in! There will be a half-iron man in Feb. of 2011 in Guanacaste!!!!!! I am soooo excited I have been thinking about it all day. Check it out here.

Now that is a goal I can sink my teeth into. And to think it will be just in our own back yard. And a real legit race, put on professionally. After the marathon I did in Tamarindo last year I will be very careful about any race I sign up for here in Costa Rica.

It is kind of like buying merchandise here. You are never really sure if it is what it says. They stick labels on anything, because there are no copyright laws. So you never really know if you are getting what it says you are getting.

But this, now this is gonna be the real thing. I am so ready to do this. Well not really ready to do it do it, just like ready to sign up and get thinking, planning and training for it. Of course this may mean no Ironman Cozumel. That was kind of looking like a bad timing thing, but this, man this is perfect.

I did ask hubby if he would be disappointed in me if I only did a half iron-man for my 50th yr rather than a full distance. He was o.k. with it, of course since we will save a ton of money this way and probably a couple years added onto my life.

Oh yeah for those wondering there is also a sprint and olympic distance race the day before the half. I am trying to talk my teen into doing the sprint. She is heck of a swimmer and runs quite a bit already. Just have to get her on a bike. s

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