Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Taking a little break from blogging here. Just adjusting sails and trying to get grounded. Baby has finally made the decision to "quit" school and I am beyond thrilled. I was wondering when she would finally come to this decision. I really wanted it to be her own.

We work hard to encourage her to make decisions and do what she wants to do. The problem is she has her attachment disorder and we have a hard time convincing her it is o.k. to do what she wants. She is always so worried about what everyone else wants.

There has been some real growth this month as she has started crying. It really just took finding something she was passionate about. That would be the computer. That girl loves playing on the computer. She will play all day. When we tell her time to shut down she will cry.

You have to understand she loves cartoons also. I mean really loves t.v. But she has never cried when we tell her to shut it off. She also loves to play with her friends, but never cries when we tell her time to go. I am not sure if it was computer or if we are really breaking through here. Hopefully really breaking through.

When she announced she "quit" school she did it in a funny way. We were sitting on the couch and she whispered that she quit school. Almost as if she did not know if that was the word she was searching for. We all looked at her and smiled, then she said it louder. Finally she shouted and her sister high fived her! She was all smiles at that point.

On another adventure for sure.

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